February 1, 1971 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 2


Veronica in ecstasy.
Another photo of Veronica, in ecstasy, at one of the early Vigils.

“My Son has asked, ‘When I return, will I find any faith left?’

“Wear your cross, My children. I cannot caution you enough to wear your Rosary about your neck, for none will be free from his entrance. He claims the unclean souls. He seeks the souls destined for My Son's Kingdom. He seeks to destroy, this evil man from hell.


“Listen to Me, My children: he is walking your earth now! He has the powers of Satan. He can use the body of a man or a woman or a child. Watch! Beware! Ask the Holy Spirit to allow your eyes to see. Keep a constant vigil of prayer. Many will fall into the abyss. We weep for the souls that will be lost.

“He will proceed on into Egypt and Israel and bring Russia from the north. Wake up to the truth! His reign will be longer than man expects. The interpretation of man has erred. The time and one time and a half is in Heaven's time; the earthly time is very much longer.



“Do not be frightened, My child, by the sights sent to you, for these are for your own protection.

“Mothers, I must warn you. Be sure that your children are well guarded; for this man of perdition, when he cannot reach you, will try to hurt you through your children. Guard them carefully. Be sure that they have the cross about their necks. Do not let these innocent souls be fooled by the ways of Satan. Do not let them


bring into your homes this evil broken cross, or it will doom your household. It is the mark of the man of perdition.

“He will remain an extra week, My child. Your trials are not over.

“There is nothing for you to fear, My child. He can only use the body of an unclean soul, so I caution you to bar your doors to those not of your family, for your own protection, for the plan of satan ahead.

“I caution you again: keep your doors barred. It was not the will of God that forced this cross upon you, My children, for My voice hath cried to you through endless years to repent. But you heeded not My warnings.

“My travels have been world-wide, My tears shed in every land. My voice grew weak, and now there will be the great pause. During this time, My children, I can only impress upon you the necessity for constant prayer.

“Guard your doors well now against the enemy who walks the land. He has come to your locality to try to destroy My work here. He knows that We plan to recover many souls by our vigil of prayer.”
(message incomplete)