February 11 , 1971 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 2

by the evil one who is loose in your land. He will only possess a soul that has grown weak. Strengthen your soul by staying with My Son near the tabernacles of the world. Accept the gift of My Son often, His physical Body, present in your Eucharist —but given to you only by consecrated hands, hands blessed by My Son and ordained to do His work and represent Him. Turn your face from those who wish to profane the Body of My Son! The light of the Holy Spirit will guide you in this respect.

“The indignities to My Son, the Eternal Father, and all Heaven are increasing with the increased destruction of this man of sin. His goal is the possession of all spirits destined for My Son's Kingdom.

“Many will not accept your revelations, My child, for man has yet to understand the difference between the physical body and the spiritual soul. Man fails to recognize the existence of the unseen world about you. Right now the demons are gathering for this full scale war of the spirits.

“Unless you continue to live in the spirit, you will become blind to the signs that My Son and I will give to those who are destined for the Kingdom,


Satan and his henchmen are loose upon your earth. He sends his highest advocates now to destroy My children. The path you travel will be left for you to choose. We can only beg you, out of love, to listen and guard your soul.

“It is not Our wish to instill fear in you, My children, but We have found it is necessary to be stern. Perhaps in this way a few of Our straying lambs could be gathered. It is not always in the best interest of loved ones to hide the bitter


choice: to follow satan or to fight for My Son. This We give you in the confidence that you will join Us in the battle.

In this photo, Our Lord's crown of thorns miraculously forms over flagpole and the old St. Robert Bellarmine Church.

“There is no time left for thinking of your worldly pleasures or your worldly gains, for in the end they will be nil!

“How We long to be able to spread words of cheerful vein, of happiness and joy; but, My children, how can one smile and laugh when the heart is crying?


truth, to gloss over the facts of a coming destruction. We must approach this with a practical eye and an open heart, also with confidence in the ultimate victory of all Heaven and the gathering of the beloved souls with Us.

“The path of the war and the length of the sorrows will all depend on men, for it is their