February 11 , 1971 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 4

of the Antichrist, the cross that is broken, used as a disguise, the 'peace symbol.' Destroy them, before they destroy your children!

“Place the cross upon their necks, for that will be all that will save them. Do not fall down in your job as a parent, for you will also be held responsible for the condition of your children's souls when they are brought to Us.

“Remember, as ye sow, so shall ye reap. Plant good seed now, while there is still time.

“I will continue, with My Son, to guide you in these dark days, My children. We shower all the


blessings of Heaven upon you, so have confidence. And remember to keep your Rosarywith you always. Keep it about your neck, if possible, for that moment will come when you will need it.

“M. [Mary] and Ben, bless you, My children. Your names will be written in Heaven. A work of art, a work of love that has brought tears of joy to Our hearts. For this I bless you all, My children. We now have placed a full set of armor upon us.

“Through this treasure [the medal of Our Lady of the Roses] will flow many graces from


The Our Lady of the Roses medal.

Heaven. Have them also blessed by a true, loving priest and wear them for the days ahead; for, as the crippled will be cured, the blind can see, so shall all be saved who believe and wear this medal.”