February 28 , 1971 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 2


formidable barrier to God's graces than is pagan licentiousness. Once this barrier of pride is removed--only through complete self-reversal and great pain--God will plant the seeds, not only of conversion but of sanctity.




A white line proceeding from the symbolic form of Our Lady (upper left corner) and entering Veronica's head represents the way Heaven coommunicates with her in the state of ecstasy: directly to her intellect.
Gemma Galgani
A young martyr of the Blessed Sacrament, Gemma Galgani was given the stigmata. She led her life as one long Lent, to restore the balance, as it were, for other Lents now being abused or neglected by less worthy men.


In her life there is a diverse warning that He is not too well pleased by the manner in which others, who sign themselves as His faithful, help expiate for their own sins, especially during the forty-day period so sacredly set aside for this purpose.

Modem man has forgotten, or more precisely, would prefer not to remember her, Gemma, because they would resent her tragic, all too real intrusion into his escapist world of papier-mache-made delights and irresponsible flings.


a miserable sinner. Release me from the sins that have grown up in my heart, which are implanted in my polluted soul. O Savior, Jesus, grant that hereafter I may behold Thy divine glory!

Prayers of Veronica
Eternal Father, through the merits of Your Son, Jesus, we invoke you to send Saint Michael to defend us against satan. Cast out all evil spirits that may seek to enter our hearts and minds. Amen.

Most holy Son of God, protect us!

Michael, our dear guardian, through the love of our most beloved Father for a lowly sinner, protect us now and through the mission ahead, against the attacks of satan and his wretched henchmen that are set amongst us to carry out a devious plan against all Heaven, and bring tears to the heart of our beloved Queen of Heaven.

I love you, Father. I surrender my heart to the most wonderful Spouse, the Lord of all creation and most worthy of the name Beloved.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, may I place my heart in Your protecting hand. I am but a weak soul, unable to cleanse myself but for a short duration of this


Gemma, as a victim soul, made up for the many who had cast aside the Lenten season from their hearts and lives.

St. Martin of Tours' Prayer for Priests
Son of God most high, have mercy on Thy servant,