February 28 , 1971 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 3


stigma of sin. In Your protective and loving hands, I will surrender to the glory of the light that will protect this weak soul from entrance by satan and his ogres.

The Eternal Father rests on Sunday.

Loving Jesus, how I long to call on You, but but how can I do this, knowing that the burden of this world's sins You have carried with You the other six days. I long to hear Your voice, that secret voice of love, sent on the wind of instant transport, to be absorbed by
the thirsting heart of this soul that has dried up, a


shriveled, miserable wretch, from the pollution of sin.

Cleanse me, dearest Father, as I wish to come to You as a spotless sacrifice, in reparation for the many offenses to You and the Blessed Trinity, with the shining glory of Heaven, Mary, our Mother.

The Eternal Father calls the soul “heart.”

I give You my heart, dearest Father. Do with me as You will!


The Eternal Father