April 3, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"Defiled Man of Perdition, the Antichrist...  

Has been loosed among you”


  Our Lady--"Our Lady--"My Son has seen the defilement that evil man has created. The penance will be severe. Few have heeded My cries. I have wandered the world in tears. Who has sought to ease My anguished heart?

"Now you may look into your own heart and find the answer of the days ahead, for you have made your choice. My Son and I have begged you for atonement, for sacrifice--to deny yourself these temporary pleasures of your earthly life. In many places, in many ways, We have been cast aside.


     ""The burden of saving all souls has fallen on those of true faith. There is still time to gather the souls. Please, I beg of you to now spend every moment aside from your necessary worldly duties and obligations in prayer and sacrifice. It was not long ago that I cried this warning, but it also went unheeded.
     "My Son's mercy knows no end, but what shall We do with these young boys that are coming to Us unprepared?
     "It is too late now to spread this message for its best advantage. Now I must beseech you, My children, to pray. Keep your Rosary with you day and night. You must pray!
     "I must now caution you: in the days



ahead you must not be led or misled by the events that the evil one will bring upon you in his attempts to destroy My Son's House, Church.
     "You must help your priests. It is not constructive to speak out in anger against My Son's House, Church. If you have anything to say that you feel is being done wrong, go to the ones concerned--your


    "You must realize now that the trouble within My Son's House has been caused by defiled man of perdition--the Antichrist, who has been loosed among you in this final battle.

"If you would put aside your worldly pleasures, your pampering of your body, your eyes would no longer be blinded. You could see the existence of the evil one in your country. But no, you have chosen to cast Us aside for temporary pleasures.
     "Those who have loved Us enough to care there is nothing to fear, for We will extend Our mercy far and wide. Be guided by the Holy Spirit that comes to you through the Eternal Father. In the darkness He will guide those who keep Him in their hearts.
     "Our Father is the Lord high God in Heaven. Defiled man knows his father as the black prince of hell. And this father of the dark abyss spreads destruction, fear, violence, hatred, murder of innocent babies
     "Hear Me now, and remember what I say: you have brought the sword upon you by your own actions! For as the Father gave you a free will to choose your road, if you sought not the grace necessary to stay on the right road, it is because there were too few prayers, too little who cared to save themselves or you.

St. Michael the ArchangelPhoto taken with a Pentax 35-mm camera by a Shrine worker from Brooklyn, N.Y., on August 14, 1993, Vigil of the Assumption. Miraculously appearing on the right is a translucent image of St. Michael, standing guard over Veronica's chair (facing us, all aglow in a greenish tint, green being the symbolic color of the archangel). Veronica was absent, but this photo proves that Heaven is always present at the Vigils whether the seer is there or not.

priests, your bishops. Do not spread words among the disbelievers, those waiting to take anything that can be thrown back to destroy My Son's House.