April 3, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2


"I am also a Mother; I am the Mother of the world. And I suffer the heartache of My Son, as a Mother. I, too, can no longer stand the swords in My heart. Therefore We, too, in Heaven must bow to the will of the Father, and His will will be done!
     "My child, you must continue your mission without fear or distractions. Stay within yourself, as has been directed. Pray, My child, pray day and night. I will always be with you. For always in the darkness I will send forth a shower of graces upon you, upon all who call to Me




"There are many sins against the Holy Spirit. This offends My Son very much. If you do not understand you will go to your priest and he will explain it to you.
     "You must pray for My Vicar, for there will be a great sorrow.


"The prayers you give for atonement are applied to the souls in purgatory. For you will need them--yes, these souls, with you in the final battle."

     Veronica--"So please, release souls from purgatory so that they can help us. They will be in our army."