May 30, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"The worship of the Evil one is in New York City...  

The 'Mass' of the black demon


   Jesus and Our Lady arrived separately. First Our Lady came, in the company of Saint Michael.

     Our Lady--"I have arrived much earlier, My child, than expected, for I am busy in all parts of the world. There is much turmoil. "

    "You did well to warn souls of the dangers to come. Yes, there will be much gnashing of teeth because of the destruction set upon the earth by the evil one. Unless you listen carefully, and with your heart, to Our guidance, you may become a victim in the web of deceit that now enshrouds the world."

Our Lady descended to the pillow placed there for Her. She looked around and said:

Our Lady--"Thank you, My child, for the comfortable footage. My Shrine is truly a place of beauty. On veneration at this sacred place there will be sent forth the graces necessary to retrieve souls from the evil one.
     "I cannot urge you enough to continue your prayers. This you must do from love. Your prayers are needed sorely for your priests, for they are under heavy attack by the evil ones, Antichrist and his accumulated disciples. Yes, his evil


will be as hypnotism to the weak soul.
     "My heart cries in pity for what lies ahead for your countrymen who go blindly on their way sowing the seeds of their own destruction.
     "We are sending personages from Heaven to help you in the battle ahead. You will not be alone, for We are always with you.


  "My children, these monsters are unseen to your human eyes, but they are all about you. Run them out with a constant vigil of prayer! Do not wait until there is no recovery. The hour grows short.
     "My children, if you have been given the grace to be now in the light, we beg you to share this grace, and try from your heart to rescue those who are drifting toward the abyss of hell.
     "Yes, your prayers and sacrifices are needed for those who do not have the power of grace to help themselves. If you could see the vast numbers who have already succumbed to the evil, you would spend all your time on your knees. No excuses must be given in defense of worldly gain. No excuses will be accepted if you did not care enough to save your brother. You will be held accountable for all discard of duty, of inborn godly conscience.

"Yes, the world is enshrouded in evil. Yes, it has entered everywhere. To talk solves few problems now on earth. Your only recourse now is prayer. We are of light and hope. If you cast Us aside, you will travel only one road--in the darkness!
     "My child, this message must be made known immediately to all."

     Jesus arrived and continued:




The beautiful Statue of Our Lady of the Roses wearing a rose crown.

The beautiful Statue of Our Lady of the Roses wearing a rose crown.

"This is the hour of the false prophets--beware!--and those who will claim to take the place of My Son. Already the worship of the evil one is in your city. The 'mass' of the black demon has spread throughout the whole earth.
     "You must know the full power of your prayers. The evil one cannot stay where there is prayer.