May 30, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 3


 when He brought the truth"

     Jesus--"Penance, atonement, and acts of love We cry for. My Mother gives you the plan for your salvation. Remember--the day will come when you will remember this, when you will be tried and found wanting, or ready for the jubilant entrance into My Kingdom! Keep your thoughts on this, My children. It will all be yours.
     "The medal will be given to all clergy and nuns, for the attacks on them will increase. He is banding his disciples now. Lock him out! You can lock your door against him and save your country."



     Our Lady--"My child, tell the world now there is a hell. The evil one seeks to remove the thought of punishment from sin. Sin will then be a way of life. It becomes easier to delude you then, to capture your soul. Open your eyes! Do not be blind, for the blind walk in darkness."
    "Everything has been planned well to bring you into darkness. Everything is planned in every war. Without Us, you will be lost. Do not try to fight the battle alone. So they will scoff at angels and demons? But will you scoff at them when they are face to face with you?



Do not follow the bad example like sheep to the slaughter block. Do not let them blind you. You can carry the truth, the light, always in your heart.
Show the example of a living Christ. Carry My Son's cross, for by your example you can save others and We will reward you. Do not let him take them from Us!
     "I love you all, My children. Help us! We are with you always, and will direct you through the future. Believe and you will be saved. Believe and you will be saved! Believe and you will be saved!
     "Armageddon! Armageddon!"