Eve of the Queenship of Mary

Our Lady--"Our joy is multipied this evening by the numbers of Our children who have come to Our defense in the war against satan. The evil he promotes has accelerated. Unless you become knowledgeable and recognize his handiwork, the end of your era will be hastened. Unless you turn from worldly affections and give yourself to My Son, you will be lost in the darkness. 
     "My children, never cease your prayers for Our Vicar, who is in constant danger. Should he be removed from among you, you will receive a man of dark secrets. Beware of one who will come in sheep's garment.

"You must recognize the ways of satan. He will come and reach you with cunning and deception. He will set man up as one to glorify, as an idol to worship. This offends My Son! The body and mind are being studied, analyzed, restructured, but where is the spirit? Starved for the light of truth! 
     "You cannot make a soul strong by catering to the worldly desires of the flesh. Give man everything the world offers, but without My Son, he has nothing! There is no peace, no happiness without your God. You cannot shut Him out, for satan is always waiting to cIaim your soul. 

     "The punishment that will come upon you will be metered by your offenses to your God. You are being allowed by the Father to proceed on your course. You are as pilgrims on the ladder--up or down. 
     "The Father has the power to turn all evil into good. His heart is all merciful. 
     "All Heaven cries for the numbers of souls abandoning My Son's House. They are turning away, but must return and patch the cracks. 
     "Your government, schools have entered. My Son's House has been entered, but if you love My Son you will stay with Him. Chase satan out with a vigilance of prayer. 
     "Parents, how dare you allow your daughters to be looked upon with lustful eyes! Have you no shame? What is your example? Are you pagans? 

"I have not come to fill you with fear, but to save you from yourself. You have shut out the light. My heart is heavy. I have wandered your earth and shed many tears. I carry the light in the darkness. If you knew what lies ahead, you would be on your knees daily to stop it. I come to beg you, as your Mother, to mend your ways now, while there is time. Guard your children's souls. 
     "Your country and peoples have taken up with pagan practices. Star gazing and fortune telling has a rock heart. Only your God controls your destiny. He is not a feelingless being, but a living entity!

St. Joan of Arc Our Lady says that the children are to be guided by the spirit of St. Joan of Arc. The parents are to make St. Joan known to them.

JUDASES IN HOUSE OF GOD "Your city of evil will crumble into the dust. Your world leaders, who are godless murderers, will fall to the sword. The Judases in My Son's House shall fall to the sword. There are many Judases in My Son's House. Do you think We do not see you? You are being tolerated, for you, too, can be saved if you turn from your road to hell. 
     "Turn back, Romans! Turn back while there is still time. When evil has reached its ultimate, you will be planet-struck. During this trial in cleansing, only a few will be saved. 
     "My message must be spread throughout the whole world. When the cataclysm is upon you, aIl will have had the chance to make ready. The Father has a plan. I have come here to your city with hope, to set here an oasis in this city of sin. Remember the fate of Sodom? All must make a firm decision to stand by My Son, casting aside the guiles of satan and accepting the armor I have given you. 
     "I promise, as the Mother of Jesus, not to abandon you. I will not abandon you, and I shall be with you for your entrance into the Kingdom. Wear your armor--the medals, the scapulars-- for many will flee with what is on their body. You will need them all. 
     "Send a chain of Rosaries throughout your land. All We have given through the ages to protect you, satan is working to take away from you so you will be defenseless. Open your hearts and come to Us in belief. Do not let satan take the protection of Our angels from you. Your children do not recognize the angels. Tell them of the angels. 
     " All who come to My hallowed grounds I promise to bestow upon them graces in abundance, the graces necessary for the salvation of their souls and all loved ones. My grace I give with heart."


"I want you to recognize Joan of Lorraine. Your children will be guided by the spirit of Joan. Your children follow idols of darkness. Make Joan known to them. 
     "Your world cries, 'peace, peace' where there is no peace. You consort with devils. The word of an atheist is not binding. The promises of an atheist are not true. You are falling in with the plan like sheep to the slaughter.

May 30, 1972 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"Should your Vicar be removed among you, you will receive...

The man of dark secrets