June 17, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"Don't leave My Son's House...  

Help patch the cracks in the Walls”


 Our Lady--"My child, you will have no fear at speaking out, for to accomplish your mission for Heaven, this will be necessary. Unless you pray for the souls that are falling in My Son's House, you, too, will be affected by the disaster that lies ahead of you.
     "Yes, My words were given in the same vein many earth-years ago, and they, too, were not heeded. Did you act upon them? No! You hid it away from the world. What will you do now? I warned you many years ago that Satan would enter My Son's Church, but you did not listen. Now he is there!
     "Have pity for all men of sin. Have pity for those who represent My Son and are falling into the web of deceit of satan, for they will be answerable to Us more so, for they were given the graces to fight this.

"What is the darkness, you ask Me, My child. The darkness is a blindness of heart. Yes, you can be conditioned to accept error; you can be conditioned to turn from the truth. You can be conditioned to be confused and no longer recognize the truth. You have a free will to go your own way. Should you fall, you must fall alone. We will not let you take innocent souls with you.
"You are trading My Son's Home and making it a place of self-gratification for arrogant man who follows after his own lust. Your love of money has been your downfall. Yes, you are misguiding!



 "There will be much suffering for those who stand to defend My Son's House. This can never be destroyed, for the foundation is solid. The foundation is My Son, but many now dishonor Him in His House. Blind manof self-gratification, blind man who pursues


after his own heart his lust--you call the hand of the Father heavily upon you!
     "This condition did not arrive overnight, or this year, or two years. This has been well planned."


     Jesus--"Confusion, delusion! O mournful heresy! Whatever will We do with you? Satan is now banding his disciples within My Church."

     Veronica--This is Jesus.

     Jesus--"My Heart is bleeding. We watch this. My Mother's heart is torn."

Our Lady--"Your prayers are sorely needed for your priests, your cardinals, your bishops. The heaviest attacks are upon those with the most influence in My Son's House. Yes, there are those who have fallen to satan, and they will drag many other souls to hell with them.

"We do not want division within My Son's House. We want you all to be brothers and sisters, patching the cracks in the walls. Don't leave My Son's House! Help patch the cracks, and one day it will all be one again.





In 1973, Our Lady requested Veronica to bring St. Louis DeMontfort's book "True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary" to the vigil. Our Lady had Veronica read from page 62. Quote: "They cannot see without uneasiness, simple and humble people on their knees before an altar or an image of Our Lady, sometimes at the corner of a street in order to pray to God there; and they even accuse them of idolatry, as if they adore the wood or the stone."