June 17, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 3


 know them. And those who have joined Lucifer, they have turned their backs on Us, and We will not know them.
     "Soon, My child, iniquity will so abound that even many of the elect will be in fear to be charitable. Yes, the charity will grow cold. We have already impressed on you the necessity for prayer, the power of prayer, to chase him out. If you do not listen, you, too, will walk into the darkness.
     "You must not go around berating your brothers or your sisters. You must pray for them. Mortal man cannot fight Satan without prayer.
     "These are not ordinary times. These are not ordinary days. No, if you read the words left by the prophets, you will understand. The Book of life is there for you. It is all there if you will take the time to read it. All must come to pass and then the Ball of Redemption will be upon you.
     "At these latter days, We are manifesting to many, My child. Many will receive graces far beyond most human understanding.
O My children, there is nothing We would pass by in order to save you. But We must caution you in the days ahead to be very prudent in your approach to miracles, for in this battle of the spirits, the evil one will send out his disciples. But by his fruits he will be known to you. In time, he will reveal the blackness of his heart.





"We can see and hear everything. Nothing is hidden from Us. Nothing can be done in secret. The Eternal Father is the Lord high God and your Creator, and as such He can destroy you.
     "I have told you before that everything has been planned for your destruction, and the evil is well rooted in your country now.


House! You will not cater to the lusts of man, or you will not stand as a House! You will not glorify man before your God. You will not exchange the heart of God for pieces of gold or silver.

DISOBEDIENCE TO HOLY FATHER     "You will stand with the Holy Father and render him no more sorrow. You who have been his disobedient children, you will stop plunging the knife into his heart! He is Our Vicar. He is Our father and yours on earth, to guide you. Why do you disobey him?
     "You will render this message to all clergy. I will surround you with My Immaculate Heart and protect you, My child. The situation has grown too grave now, My child. Words cried through the years have had no effect. They ask for the sword upon them. But for the elect, they would have been cut asunder sooner, for We hear all the pleas that come to Us.
     "We do have hope that your prayers, your understanding, and your charity will turn those back who have gone astray. And this also you can accomplish (their salvation) by your example.
     "You must keep a constant vigil of prayer in these dark days. We shower many graces upon you, and We are always with you.
     "Remember, My children, wars are always a punishment for your sins.




Veronica holds Baby Jesus in her arms.

Veronica holds Baby Jesus in her arms during one of the Vigils.

Your country is in dire danger because it has the facility to promote more evil throughout the world. Therefore, the punishment would be far greater for the men of sin within your country. And the punishment will be far greater for the men of sin within My Son's House. "You will glorify My Son in your House, Church, or you will not stand as a