July 1, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"The Message is to be given to all...  

the cardinals, the bishops, and priests


 Our Lady--"My child, I shower graces in abundance on you. I feel all the warm hearts around Me. You will be very busy, My child, dispersing the message I have given you.
     "Jesus will be here to instruct you. Continue the Rosary."

Jesus--"I have warned the world. If they do not listen they will suffer. There will be much suffering. If you listened to Me this would have been avoided.
     "You will see that the message is given to all the cardinals, the bishops, and the priests.
     "The offenses against your God have not diminished. You are to be judged by a meter of the sins against your God.
     "You will find the Book containing beauties of prose and keep these, My children. Soon they will be taken from your counters. Remember in your hearts the teachings of the Holy Spirit given to you. Keep them in your heart. The enemy will come and try to take them from your heart.
     "He continues on his road of destruction. There will be little left to recognize. The children are entering a spiritual void. We will not wait until they are lost to Us.
     "The rabat is the teacher of light and life, but don't be fooled by those who foul their garments. You will receive much antagonism from the clergy. Prepare yourself.



"We are at your side always. There is nothing to fear, for you will carry the truth for Us to the peoples."

Jesus--"The agents of hell are deep within your country now. The hourglass is running faster and faster. Many of your countrymen are consorting with devils. Be not fooled that they come in human form; for, My


Our Lady--"See My eyes, so swollen from the tears I have shed because of the offenses to My Son. But in all the sadness of My heart, I will smile for you, My children. Won't you smile for Me in the dark days ahead, with confidence of love?
     "Yes, I am truly the Mediatrix of peace, the Mediatrix between God and man. I have been given the light by My Son to hold back the darkness. But this will all be on your decision, for you must listen to Our direction."
Veronica--I see a great explosive, forceful sight, and I hear a voice cry out: "CATACLISIUM! CATACLYSM! CATACLIST!" Then I see great bodies of land sinking; the water just seems to swallow them up.

     Our Lady--"Should you not listen to us now, you will be cleansed with a baptism of fire!
     "You will teach the children that We are truly living peoples, that We live in the heavens, just a short distance from the farthest star. You will speak to the children of the angels and the many children who are here with Us. They also sorrow for the condition of the earth, for they also, My children, know how very much Jesus is suffering."







Our Lady--"The prayers coming to Heaven are music to Our ears."
Veronica--Our Lady said the picture received with the cleft [shown above] comes from Heaven.

child, you would not expect them to reveal themselves. But in time you will know them by the blackness of their hearts.
     "Unless you atone, disaster will be upon you! If you cast us aside you will be lost. Atonement, prayer, sacrifice--it is thy decision."