July 1, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2


  Jesus--"Yes, My child, I will not permit the offenses to My Mother. She has sent the necessary graces to you, which you have chosen to ignore. The beads of grace that She gave to you were for your salvation. You must not cast them aside. You will keep the Rosary in your hands in the days ahead. You will wear the Rosary--not for decoration, but in that moment you will need them.
     "All men who chose to honor Our adversary, Lucifer--all men who chose to place temples of honor to him have already descended halfway to the pit where they will fall soon.
     "You will not set up temples to dishonor your God! You will not conduct and perform acts of mockery in My House!
     "O My poor, blind children, you do not see what is already upon you! You do not recognize the signs. You choose to blind yourself to the truth."

     Our Lady--"These are the days, the latter days. I will hold back the darkness. We ask only the help of a few souls. We ask those with the grace, to go with their hearts now into the world to save those that are still able to be saved.
    "There is great power in prayer. It can rescue your brothers falling down into the bottomless pit. I can rescue them for you.
    "O My children, must I tell you the deepest of truths--must I now, to save you, reveal the most heart-rending of truths that many, yes, many will die in the great flame of the Ball of Redemption!





"Loosed upon the earth now are agents; they surround you. They are placed here as agents of destruction. Lucifer, he roams the world. He seeks to take Our children from us. Will you follow him when he blows his horn?
     "You will not listen, My children until the blood is flowing in your streets and the blackened bodies lie all about you. Then it will be too late.


 My children, when you sleep he does not sleep.
     "My children, it is only because many years ago you consecrated your country to Me that you have not received the destruction that is gradually coming closer to you from the outside world. But if you turn from Me now I no longer will be able to shield you. There is evil being placed in your country far more diabolical than has been seen since the time of Noe!"

Jesus--"Hasten, hearken, and listen, for you will not be warned much longer."



Veronica, in ecstasy, at June 9, 1979 Vigil.

Veronica, in ecstasy, at June 9, 1979 Vigil.

"I ask you for a constant vigil of prayer so that satan will not enter upon you. You must now say when you arise: 'I will protect myself with the shield of the Immaculate Conception.' You will say before you enter your bed (which will not be a bed of security and comfort now): 'I protect myself with the shield of the Immaculate Conception.' For,