July 15, 1971 Bayside Message• Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"We hold all parents responsible...  

for the fall of their children's souls”


 Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady--"You must lose no time, My child, in spreading the messages that we have given you. The few grains are running faster in the hourglass.
     "You will pray for all men of sin. The story of My Son will be spread throughout the world, for the scale must be balanced.
     "The children are truly victims of their elders. We hold all parents responsible for the fall of their children's souls.
     "There is a great evil in your country. There is evil throughout the world. How sad that many have chosen to deafen their ears.






"You will not be free from the disasters visited elsewhere. You will not learn a lesson until the destruction falls upon you.Your country will no longer remain intact in the face of destruction.


  "Your excessive luxury has weakened your souls. The Eternal Father needed less provocation when He finished arrogant man in his world of sin. Your evil has become far greater than the past sins of man."

Jesus arrived to be with His Mother. He said:

Jesus--"Yes, I have warned the world. It will be their decision how soon I will send the destruction upon them. If they do not listen they will suffer the greatest of sorrows. But those who do listen, I will give them the grace necessary to sustain them in the very destructive days ahead."






Miraculous photo of comet hitting the Earth.

Polaroid photo taken of the seer Veronica Lueken while in ecstatic vision, by Alice Dykes of Oxnard, CA at the June 18,1988 Vigil. Our Lady was showing Veronica Lueken a vision of the earth on fire after it had been struck by a comet [which is exactly what we see in this photo]. Veronica said: I see a globe; it looks like a globe on fire. It's frightening." The Jet Propulsion Lab at NASA commented on this picture, saying: "How did you get such a clear picture of the earth? We can't do it with our equipment because of cloud cover."