The Exaltation of the Holy Cross
Eve of Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady--"I must warn you that you must be most prudent in your associations of the future. All of the manifestations We give you, some are in secret; they are not to be given to others.  
      "The Message from Heaven has reached those who have been operating in darkness. Many now have chosen, on free will, to cast aside Our admonitions. They are now planning for the entrance of the evil one, the man of dark secrets, onto the Seat of Peter. The harbinger of evil burrows deeper into the structure of the holy House of God. Unless all high priests in the holy House of God get down on their knees now and beg pardon and do penance for the offenses they have committed against their God, they will not be spared the abyss! . 
      "Your country and many parts of the earth are contaminated with filth. The evil has come and implanted unfruitful seed in the souls of the youth. We hold responsible--the greatest measure of responsibility will be given to the parents. The permissive behavior and laxity of the parents will provide the measure for their own judgment. " 

      "We see the greatest of evils being perpetrated in the holy House of God. The example being shown by the high men of the holy House of God is abominable! The harvest of Lucifer will be great. My heart has now uncountable thrusts from the hands of My children on earth. " 

      " There is a secret of Heaven, and there is a secret of earth. Prepare now for the coming redemption with your baptism of fire. " 

Veronica--No! Oh! Oh, oh, oh--burning! [Veronica is undergoing tremendous anguish at the vision she sees.] A burning ball! It's swirling, and it's shooting out fire behind it. And there's rocks, large rocks are falling. I see . . . the buildings falling, Oh! . . . It's growing very dark. Oh, the candles --every place is dark, but the candles are lit in a few places. Oh, I see people; they are banging on the doors. Nobody will open the doors and let them in. They look awful--they are turning bla-a-a-ck! [Veronica sobs in great distress.] They are burning! 
      There is no water to drink, and everyone is so thirsty. Some of the houses--they have water in big jugs, but they won't open the doors. They can't open the doors and let the people in. The people--they are falling down by the doorsteps. And there is--the sky is very black, and there is, there is dirt and dust falling all around outside, and there are people screaming. Oh! Oh! 
      Now the water is rising. Oh, it's rising! Oh, their houses, they are being just pulled away; the waves go in and they go back, and there is nothing left. 
      Now I see this, this burning, long streak of fire. It's coming back again, and it's--oh! Oh! Oh! 
      Our Lady is standing over to the left side of the flagpole, Our Lady said: 

Our Lady--"I give you, My child, the sight of what is to come. The peace I have promised you in the past has yet to come. But first you must be cleansed. Man on your earth has given himself to satan. For many the recovery is slim. It will mean great sacrifice and prayer for the recovery of many. 
      "The agents of hell have come from the abyss. They come to do great battle with God's children on earth. Those who are of the world will die in the world. The numbers after the great Chastisement will be counted in the few. 
      "We have set among you many messengers to prepare you with the words from Heaven. Many have been forced to discontinue their mission, much to Our sorrow. Those souls will be unaccountable for, unless those in the light recover them for Us. 
       "The message must now reach all cardinals in the holy House of God. The  


darkness is deepening, and the man of dark secrets is being prepared for the Seat of Peter. You must all go down now on your knees and pray, do penance for your offenses now, while you have the time.   

ABOMINATIONS IN THE HOUSE OF GOD "The aberrations and abominations being committed in the holy House of God have had no precedence from the time of Noe,  

St. Catherine LaboureSt. Catherine Laboure

JUDASES IN HOUSE OF GODSaint Catherine pointed to the sky, and there is appearing a huge miraculous medal, and next to it the medal of Our Lady of the Roses. 

      St. Catherine--"I received from Heaven the warning for my country, as you receive from Heaven the warning for your country and the world." 

      Veronica--Our Lady is pointing to the banner, And She says: 

      Our Lady--"You will mail three medals to the Holy Father." 

      Veronica--Many nuns are with Jesus, and they are pointing to the inside of a large library. 

      Jesus--"Clean the books from your shelves. Remove them! Woe to man who refuses to mend his ways, as he loses himself in pleasures and pursuit of worldly riches. No one will fall but of his own free will. No man will enter Heaven unless he repents of free will and cleanses his soul of all sin, mortal and venial, and comes to Us in belief. Much of this cleansing will be done through suffering. 
      "I give you My peace, as the Father gives you His peace, and We send among you the Advocate to guide you. 
      "I place upon your cross graces for conversion of sinners, for cure of bodily ailments, and for those who will accept the manifestations given though the will of the Father." 

      Veronica--Now there seems to be a cloud, a large cloud now coming before the flagpole. And I can barely see now--oh, there above the cloud I can see Jesus now. He seems to be going backwards into the sky. And Our Lady is still off to the right side. And She says: 

      Our Lady--"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement. There are many souls to recover" 


      Veronica--Our Lady said to tell you She is very pleased with the show of affection here, because there are many places that are desecrating Her statues and Jesus' statues. Many places are using His statues for abominable acts. There are creatures from hell sacrificing to satan, and they now are desecrating the statues. That's why we desperately try to buy up the statues--so they don't fall into the hands of black mass people, 


      Our Lady said you must keep pure and holy thoughts in your mind, because satan enters through the mind. Therefore, you don't feed him by polluting your mind with impure thoughts. And there are many of these in print. What you read with your eyes--the eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, what you read can enter into your heart and your soul, and you can be misled. And you have to put yourseIf almost in a vacuum of purity and goodness. It' s the only way you can protect your soul. You avoid all the occasions of sin. 
      So satan, in his craffiness, is appearing and trying to destroy the young people especially by putting filthy books--so abominable, so absolutely fiendish that you know they come straight from hell. No one could be that filthy. And it desecrates everything that God considers holy, like the Sacrament of Marriage and the goodness of love between individuals, especially in the married state, as Our Lady says. 
      So satan's plan is to destroy all that. See, when you destroy the morality of the people, you've got them almost with one foot in hell already. And that's the way he operates. He's very cunning. But his plan here for this country was to destroy the young people. Because if he can destroy them now--they're the future leaders, and you're finished.

and before the time of Noe. The offenses to your God call down justification for the end of your civilization. Man in your country and in the world has made sin a way of life. 
      "You will remove from your country the abominations in print. The desecration in print and practice to the Sacred Heart of My Son must be stopped now! Is there none who will stand forth and protect My Son from these abominations? Are there so few who care? If you do not care My Son, do you have no worry for the condition of your after-life? 
      "Yes, many of you have cast aside the truth and deny the existence of the other world. How sad when you come over and receive your judgment! You will be met, those who do not repent now, by the agents of hell and taken for a life of eternal damnation in the fires, forever to be tormented by the very desires that drove you to discard life everlasting for your place in hell. 
      "Your children are the misled victims of bad example_bad sample of your teachers, bad example of many men in the House of God, bad example by your government and your schools. Satan rules your earth now, but he shall not capture you all, for I have given you the plan for your salvation numerous times. 
      "Before these trials are over, you will all have had the chance to make your choice, and if you fall it will be of your own will. 
      "Stand forth, My children. Defend the cross of My Son. Stand forth in truth. Do not succumb for your temporary pleasures and riches of the world. You will now make haste to enlighten the bishops that should they proceed in their plan to remove Our Vicar the sword will come down upon them.

"I wish that there be held on these sacred grounds an hour of reparation on the day of the Lord. This hour will be for your Vicar and the fallen hierarchy in the House of God. This hour will also be in atonement for the discard of the holy Day of God. One P.M. to two P.M." [Now changed to 10:30-12 noon]

Veronica--Jesus has appeared on the left side. It is quite windy. His robe is long, and He is wearing sandals. His cape is velvet, and His gown is cream-colored. 
      Our Lady is next to Jesus, and She has a long, deep blue mantle. She has golden slippers with roses on them. Saint Theresa and another nun, Saint Catherine, are with Our Lady. 


September 14, 1972 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"They are now planning for the entrance of the man of dark secrets...

Onto the Throne of Peter