October 2 , 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 1
“Pray to hold back the engulfment that lies ahead . . .
The Middle East crisis will worsen”

October 2, 1970
Eve of St. Theresa of the Child Jesus

Our Lady— “How little they know how close the disaster rides upon them.

Waste not your lives in idle pursuits, for prayer and sacrifice must be your life.”

St. Theresa— “I am Theresa of the Infant Jesus. I sought not the riches of this world, but I hid myself with poverty of body but richness of spirit. I found in my obscurity a far greater glory in the light from Heaven.

“Follow my little way. Join me here in this glorious Kingdom. How worthless the things of the world when placed next to the glories of Heaven.”

[The little angels were dressed in pink with rose garlands in their hair. They all held in their hands a long rope of braided roses.]

[In the center stood Our Lady in blue and gold, Jesus in red velvet, Theresa in brown and white.


Standing next to Theresa was the Infant Jesus holding a ball with a cross. Also in the grouping appeared Saint Francis, Saint Joseph, Saint Anne, the angels, nuns, priests in black robes and brown garments. Padre Pio was also there. Our Lady had a crown of stars on Her head, and gold trim on the blue of Her garment.]

“The Middle East crisis will worsen. My heart is torn with sorrow for what lies ahead. I cry for the mothers of these lost sons. I cry for the mothers of these broken bodies. Pray to hold back the engulfment that lies ahead. Pray always, a constant vigil of prayer. I will give you many signs so that you will not be unaware.

  One of Veronica's workers miraculously appears within the protective folds of the Carmelite habit worn by St. Theresa in this spectacular photo. Perhaps it means he is under the saint's special protection, or he may be called to join the Carmelite Order.
Jesus—“You are the children of My Heart. I bless you from My Heart. Your yoke will be heavy, but only in relation to the penance needed to save souls. Your prayers will recover many from the darkness.”

Our Lady—“Have patience. The angels will be given to you in blue and gold.

“Remember, I admonish you for solid reasons to wear your Rosary. I can only ask your obedience. The Rosary will hold back the darkness. Do not be lax in your prayers.