October 6, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2

“My Son is now manifesting to many. This should not be a source of fear or confusion, for many will share in the mysteries of Heaven. As I have said before, We need many victim souls, but We also need many voice-boxes.

“Understand My word: the ‘voice-box’ will carry the Message from the Kingdom. It is only because of the urgency of what lies ahead that this must be done now. Heaven opens all channels of communication to save souls. In time all will understand.

“We here in Heaven desire that Our children realize that We are living beings, completely recognizable when you pass over to the other side.

“If you are with Me, if you truly love Me and My Son, you will help, each one, to alleviate Our sufferings with your prayers for a soul, a wandering lost soul. Bring him back with your Rosary. Your prayers are sorely needed.”

Veronica — Our Blessed Mother is standing in a circle of blue light. She is holding a large Rosary all made of gold in Her hands. Our Lady


is dressed in a deep pink and has golden roses on Her feet.

Our Lady— “O My loving children, if you could only understand how very much I want to share the joys of Our world here with you! How many souls I long to touch with the grace to 'see'! Many could share this grace if they would but open their hearts to Us. Close your eyes, close your ears, and listen with your heart.

“They will try to still your voice, My child, but have no fear. I surround you with My Immaculate Heart.


“Have heart, for the dark days will be shortened for the elect, the children who sought to comfort Us when We were cast aside.”

Veronica —Jesus is standing to the left of the flagpole. He blessed the Rosaries three times, starting from the right to the left. Our Lady was smiling so beautifully as He blessed the Rosaries. Our Lady then said that Veronica was to give Donna a rose, for the realization of her intention.

Photo of ducks(clergy)  going downstream.Clergy represented as ducks going fast downstream to the destruction of the rapids ahead. Like ducks they are playing a dangerous game of follow the leader. They choose the easy way, with the current of the world -- conforming to the world.

Our Lady—“My children, We are always with you, but you must think your way to Us. This may be confusing at first, but really quite simple; for prayer is a form of soul meditation through the thinking process. What you hear within is the Spirit within.”




“The recognition of the Father will not be denied, for His disobedient children will ask for a Father's chastisement. I do not seek to place fear in your hearts, but only the realization of the possible consequences.