November 1, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 1

“Man of science forever searching . . .

He Will Find Satan!”


November 1, 1970
All Saints' Day and Eve of All Souls' Day

Our Lady—“My Rosary... how long, how long!

“I warn you now that My Son will not tolerate the sacrifice of the young for the man of perdition, the man of sin. You must stop these murders now, for I cannot bear to see the slau.ghter of the little innocent souls!

“A Warning will be, from My Son's merciful heart. This Warning will be governed by the extent of the fall of man.

“We look down upon mass insanity. The legion of sick souls is growing. Fear fills the hearts of those falling in darkness.

Veronica saw a vision of an angel. He was placing his hand down upon the earth. She saw confusion and darkness, terrible fear in the faces of many.

Our Lady— “I do not send you, My children, the signs without reason. Remember the '8', the '4', the octave. Through grace and in the will of the Father, exactness will come in time.


“I cannot admonish you enough to heed the signs. I give you the hourglass. The sand is going down.

“Pray! Pray, My children, for your priests and all those of high positions in My Son's Holy Church, for the greatest attacks from satan will come to them. Turn not away from them, but pray and show the example of a living Christ. This example must be brought to the children by their parents.


Miraculous photo of Warning by sky
Miraculous photo taken Feb. 10, 1973, on the Shrine Grounds. On the extreme left of picture, in a Rosary bead pattern, can be seen a capital “G“ in writing, which stands for God. The coming Warning and the Chastisement of the ball of fire will come directly from God. Notice the letters forming “BY SKY“ at the base of the statue on the left.The Warning as explained to Veronica will begin as an explosion in the sky. On the right side of the picture numerous hourglasses are visible, which symbolize that time is running out, that God will soon pour the cup (chalice) of His fierce wrath upon humanity. All lines with beads represent the many Rosaries being said.


“Birds in the air die; fish in the sea .... Man cannot understand, but I give you the grace to ‘see.’

“Does My voice grow weaker, My child? It is only because My heart is filling up.

“My children, each one must reach out to bring another soul to Us, for the entrance into Heaven