November 1, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2


would then be voluminous! Be most persistent in your prayers, for they are never wasted in the recovery of souls.“

“I have warned you, there is so much evil that has been loosed upon you. I have warned you many times that the angel of peace has left your land. A constant vigil of prayer must be kept. Satan seeks to disunify My children. His plan is clever — to destroy from within. Have confidence in My Son's ultimate triumph in My inhabitants.

“The medal will build the Shrine, My child.

“I am the Mother of all nations, and My heart covers your glorious land. I do not want to see My children be led slowly to their own destruction. I have chosen this land because of the many loving souls who will reach out to gather the sheep.

“Will everyone be saved? How My heart bleeds to have to tell you I cannot count those who will not seek the light.


“Remember, My children, My Son is always with you. He has a home in every land. He will be always with you. Though they seek to remove the physical true Presence, they cannot invade the world of the spirit that will be the light that will guide you in the darkness.

“Man of science forever searching. Man of science seeking to find a consort in his quest. He will find Satan!


remember those who have gone before you, who thirst for your prayers to quench the fires of desolation. They suffer in their temporary punishment.
photo of souls in purgatory.
An unbelieveable photo taken during the All Souls Vigil, 1974, by Linda Standacker of Astoria, N.Y. In this photo appeared faces of souls above Our Lady's statue, while in the message that was given that evening Our Lady was begging for prayers for the souls in Purgatory.

“I repeat again, live every earthly day in the spirit. At this moment I cannot divulge the full plan of the Father. Prepare! Prepare! Retire from a world that is now the kingdom of satan. Gather your loved ones about you.



“I have need to warn you, My children, to prepare. Stay within yourself in the light of grace, for I have often told you that these times are in the ‘times of the sorrows.’

“While you live and battle in your lifetime,