November 1, 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 3


“Protect them with a vigil of prayer, the Rosary.

“You are not alone in the battle. We send all the graces necessary for your salvation. Redemption! Grace! Peace! All for the asking. The power of God reaches out to prayer.”

[At this time Saint Theresa appeared to Veronica and said:]

St. Theresa—“Love is the essence of the odor of divinity. All watch for the essence of the flower.”


Our Lady—“I will send forth a shower of roses upon you, more numerous than the thorns that cover the bush.”

[Veronica saw the flight of the Blue Angels, that surely evidenced the power of the Father to send the angels in numerous forms. The Blue Angels were gliding within a strong ray of light that appeared to guide them back and forth across the sky. Their wing span is difficult to describe, for it was like watching a filmy veil of clothing, wispy and gliding back and forth in an


amusing, playful manner. Two stars of an extraordinary size appeared before the light over the trees to the left of the statue.]

Our Lady—“Blessed be the hearts that so warmly placed the Rosary beneath My feet. “

[A cross was observed in the sky directly over the cross that stands on the steeple of St. Robert's on this Vigil of November 1.]