November 21 , 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2

My Son continue His anguish? See the torn flesh, the heart laid bare! Won't you stand beneath the cross with Me now?

“I cannot guarantee happiness for you in this world; but if you help Me carry His cross, the glory of Heaven will be yours, for the time is not that long. Each and every one will be saved if he will just come to Us.”

Then Veronica saw Our Lady and Jesus to the left of the flagpole. Our Lady was dressed in blue and white with gold trim on the outer garment. The brilliant light that encased Her whole figure was a spectacle of wordless beauty.

Jesus wore a red velvet long gown. A large wooden cross was standing behind Them in the background. Jesus and Our Lady smiled beautifully, but there was sadness in Their smiles.

Our Lady—“My children, make your requests known now at your stores for Rosaries. Keep them on the counters.

“Mothers, clean out your daughters' closets! Better you burn their clothes than to have their souls forever burning in hell! How sad to find the children who can no longer recognize sin.


“The condition of your country is not an accident of fate, as some would place the cause. It is the method used for destruction, by promoting moral decay.

“Spread My message to the world. The time grows short. Your tears will soon fall futilely.

“I have come to warn you, but My voice is growing weak. You must all make an earnest effort to reach out for other souls, for My Son repeats to you:


he fires, like a moth who investigates the forbidden.

“The sorrows are before you. Yes, I know why you cry, My child; for you,too, know Our anguish. Our Theresa placed the road before you, bringing with her the love of souls, the thirst for souls. And now you must share with us the torment of knowledge of how many will be lost. Prayer and sacrifice alone can recover them. This I say to all My children: without your prayers and sacrifices, many will be lost.

The Shrine Statue shimmers in the light, bathed in the colors of the rainbow--which represent the graces being distributed on the sacred grounds.

“Visit My Son often in the tabernacles of the world. Do not be turned away by the present


“What you do for them, you do for Me. What you deny them, you deny Me.

“Flesh, nakedness—have you no shame? Do you glory in your sin? For body pleasures, you letyour soul die. Can you not run from these destructive forces, or will you be consumed in