December 26, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 1
“The punishment for the disobedience and turning away from God . . .

The vengeance of an angry Father!”


December 26, 1970
Eve of the Feast of the Holy Family

[A short time before the start of the vigil on the eve of the Holy Family, December 26, 1970, our Blessed Mother instructed Veronica to write this poem message for all the loving souls in God's garden of souls on earth who participate in the vigils of reparation at the Shrine:]

Mary, Guardian of the Flowers
In a garden of souls stands a Lady so fair,
She caresses each petal growing weak from despair,
Breathes the strength down upon them, brings the waters of life,
Feeds the plants that have weakened from the earth's constant strife.
The flowers spread out in colors profuse,
Each bud a fair promise of a heavenly use.
Tender hands take the bent stalk grown weak from the flight,
From the darkness of soil that has shut out the light.
Turned the blossoming petal with soft, tender hands
To face up to the light that shines down from His land.
Sprinkles star dust to cover the flowers with grace,
As they grow on the path that leads straight to the place,


Where the fairest of flowers sits next to Her Son,
As She welcomes you all from a mission well done!

Message given to Veronica by Our Lady at the site of Her Shrine:

Our Lady—“Your sacrifice, My children, will be a tower of strength for all who refuse to accept the light in these dark days. While you reject all


left many homes. The children are walking in darkness. Must My Son forcefully admonish you with a strong hand? So many of the good will then have to suffer along. I repeat again: the punishment metered out to you for the disobedience and turning away from God will be more than your human minds can conceive possible.”

Veronica in ecstasy at a winter Vigil.
Veronica, in ecstasy, at a winter Vigil during the early years.


body comforts, We look down upon warm hearts. [Temperature during the vigil that night was in the teens.] Your example will be the beacon, for they have closed their ears to the truth and remain blinded by worldly pursuits and pleasures.

“It is sad to see, My children, that the light has