December 26, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 3

“Persevere, My children. Accept the scorn of the world, for your reward for this suffering will be greater than all the knives that tear at your heart in this mission from Heaven.

“Pray always for your priests, your pastors, who are now confused. It is a way of satan, this confusion, for men grow weak from confusion. Increase your numbers of Rosaries, for they will always hold back the darkness. The graces you will need will come from the Father because of His great love of this darkening world.

“I love you all, My children. My Son hopes, but He is in great despair. Pray, My children, pray always. Remember your Rosary.


“I bless you, My Son blesses you with the light from Heaven. [Pause]

Our Lady—“Carry your cross, My children. Be not affected by the mockery and insults you will receive when you defend My Son. We will always be with you, so face the world with His cross in your hand. It will not be an easy mission, but the final outcome will far exceed all the greatest joys of expectations.

“Yes, they will hate you, as they hated My Son when He brought the Word. They will laugh at you as they laughed at Him. Prepare for this heavy cross.”