In honor of the Holy Family

Our Lady--"You have asked Me many questions. I have chosen to answer them for you at the proper time. The one you wonder of, your Vicar, has been forced under duress, as his heart is now torn by the knowlege of those who have betrayed him. He will accept his cross so that the Church of his beloved Jesus will not fall into greater scandal.
      "I have asked, My Son has asked for many victim souls. The road to sanctification will be in suffering. The penance and sacrifice for atonement to your God for the offenses committed against Him must add and balance the scale more evenly , My children.
      "Many warnings given by the Father are passing unnoticed as such. It is within the power of the Father to visit upon you earth upheavals in regions that have never received this act of devastation from their God. Many cities will fall.
      "All children destined for the Kingdom will be placed to great trial.
      "Many hearts are heavy upon earth with the knowledge of the great devastations of the past and the ones which will soon approach upon the world and your country.
      "My tears fall heavily upon a generation that will be tested and brought back to the Father by heavy trial.
      "The wIse wIll know the true meaning of saving. When directed by the Holy Spirit, you will hasten to bring Our message to the world. You will speak once and if they do not hasten, you will not speak out against them or point the finger of guilt. You will pray and make sacrifice, do penance, to recover the soul.
      "The war of the spirits has now reached its crisis. Man stands now to make his decision for the ultimate destruction of his civilization, or his return to the world as originally planned for him by his God.

"When I came to your country, My children, I expected with great heart to not have to wander with so many words of direction. But I have promised to place My mantle over your country, and as a Mother, I shall still call out to deaf ears and hardened hearts. I will be with you as you receive your Chastisement; I will hold both My hands out and gather those to Me who are able to listen and respond to My pleas.
      "All who accept the plan I have given with My Son for your salvation, have no fear.
      "I have need to instruct you, My child, that you will be subject to great trial. The test will bring you almost to the breaking point. Satan has set many agents to destroy My work, but I shall crush his head.
      "You ask, My child, why I permit--why My Son and the Father permit you to stand under such great attack. It is because you are Our champion. All whom We have taken to set as disciples for the work of saving souls throughout the world will be subject to great physical, mental attacks, and even attacks by satan to enter into their spiritual life. You have no need to fear, for as you hold My hands and follow My direction, you will emerge gloriously with the Father.
      "Cures and conversions will come about as I have promised, to propagate the work and the mission on earth of raising in your country the Shrine. However, My children, you also must follow the direction of the prophets of old. We have given many graces to physicians on your earth. Seek their counsel, too. And then come to Us, and in the will of the Father We will cure you. This cure, if not given physically, I assure you, My children, will be given to you spiritually.
      "Many physical disabilities are permitted to be extended during your lifetime on earth for your sanctification. Your body is but a temporary housing, a shell for your eternal being. Your life will be eternal beyond the veil. Your sufferings on earth are but of temporary nature, My children."

      Veronica--Our Lady is standing to the left side of the flagpole. She's dressed in a beautiful blue gown. Oh, it's, it's like a cape.It reaches from one side of Her and covers over Her head and down to Her left side. And beneath this cape-like gown is a white--it's a cream-colored gown, part of Her dress, with a blue sash.
      Now standing next to Her, I recognize, is Saint Joseph. He is holding a very young Boy. Oh, He's about three years old. He has light brown hair, but He is sitting almost in the elbow of Joseph's arm. And He is looking down now, and He is raising His hand, the little Boy. Oh, and He is making the sign of the cross upon us. Oh! Oh! Now Saint Joseph is bending over towards us. He--Saint Joseph says:

St. Joseph--"Children of the world, there is so much discord among families. Thew is so much deterioration among families. This is not a good sign. The family unit must be together under the true sign of the living God. Mothers and fathers have a great responsibility for their children. You who spend your hours, so few upon earth, giving your children their bodily delights, their materialistic wishes and pleasures, while their souls are starving and they are being led on the path that will take them farther from the Kingdom. Sin, the darkest of sins, are being committed in the homes. What example as parents are you showing to your children?
      "Woe to the man who casts aside his wife to find pleasures with another. Woe to the woman who casts aside her children, seeking forever to bedeck herself with riches and the pleasures of the world. The family that throws away the directions given by the Queen of Heaven for the salvation of their soul goes down the dark road; it is a road that leads to Lucifer. And the numbers of children's souls being claimed daily are countless. And many of these children have been cast into hell by their parents. Woe to these parents when they stand before the Father!
      "We look upon your world. Love! What is the true meaning of love in your world? Indecency, immodesty of dress, destruction of the true meaning of the creation of life--your world is now in a state far worse than when the Father destroyed it during the time of Noe and Sodom. What can you expect unless you turn back now?
      "I am not a man who has spoken many words to the world in the past. Your Mother and One, My Son through the Father, sacrificed Himself for a generation that now is worse.
      "I add my admonition to you, I, Joseph, that unless you follow the directions for your salvation now, the days for your existence and the end of your era will be soon."

Veronica--Oh, oh! There's a--there's--there's a big thing, and it looks like a ball. It's--it's all red, and it's--it's shooting fire. I can--I can feel the heat of it; it's shooting fire in every direction. And now it's coming around, and it's coming closer. And it's hit! It's hit! And I see--it's like, I don't know, it's like everything is crumbling. The buildings are crumbling. And I hear people screaming. And everything is growing very dark, very dark. It's as though the whole half of the world has grown dark. Oh, oh! It's so--it looks as though even the world itself has stood, is standing still, no longer turning. There's no light.
      And it's--people are running. They're running, but they are, they're in darkness. They don't know in which direction to run. But there--there's a house; it has a candle, but they're acting like animals. And they're trying to get into the house, and there's another one that has a candle, but the windows are boarded. They won't open the doors. And now there are great, great pieces of rock, and they are falling down on the people in the streets. And everywhere I see there's blood, and people crying for mercy. And I look, and there are about sixty bodies on the ground. And there's a man under a large slab, but he is holding a cross.
      Oh! Oh! And, and, and there's a voice that's crying, "Three days. Three days." Oh!
      Now it's getting very bright. And Our Lady--oh, Our Lady is now on the right side of the flagpole; She's looking down sadly. And Our Lady says:

      Our Lady--"You see only one part, My child, of the great days of tribulation to come. I know how weary My work is upon earth. Our armies grow, as others turn their back, and scoffers roam the world. Do not be discouraged, My children, for you must stand forth as an example to others. And you must not slacken in your acts of sacrifice and penance. Do not give in, My children, to your body weaknesses. I will furnish you with the strength to continue your discipleship upon earth."

Veronica--"Our Lady, I don't know if I should repeat this."
      Our Lady says She gives me this choice, and I don't mind repeating it because there might be others who it would help. And Our Lady smiles. So I will repeat it. Our Lady knows that I asked why the work has become so difficult for me, and why so many trials. But Our Lady said this is the great test. That as we gather more souls, satan will send more agents to attack us.

      Our Lady--"The God, the Father, is all goodness and love. There are many secrets of Heaven and earth, and in some of these secrets is the knowledge of why human man is subject to many illnesses and trials. We do not visit these trials upon Our children; We permit satan to test them with these trials.
      "If you recognize why you suffer, if you recognize that the Father has a plan for every moment of your life, and if you are truly with Him, you will accept with joy these trials and know the benefit, the abundance of graces that you can gain, if not for yourself, but for others. All suffering will then become a joy."

      Veronica--I see now my very dear friend, Saint Theresa. She's appearing on the right side of the flagpole. And if you watch, I don't know if everyone--St. Theresa just passed her hand over her head to where even the light flashed by the trees. And Theresa--oh, Theresa says:

      St. Theresa--"The time I was with you, I gave you many lessons on suffering, Veronica. I do hope that you have not forgotten them. I would advise you, my sister, to pray more for the courage you need."

Veronica--Our Lady now is--She's walking over to the left side of the flagpole. And She says:

Our Lady--"The hours, the holy hour I requested of you will continue on the Lord's Day. This will continue until the great


tribulation. I promise to protect all those who are upon My grounds when this great tribulation comes upon you."

      Veronica--Our Lady is now walking over, and Jesus is on the right side of the flagpole. And Saint Joseph is standing between Him. Now Saint Joseph is looking to Jesus. And Jesus is fully grown as He appears here, and He is blessing the sacramentals.    
Now Jesus is coming forward. And He, He requests that all who have sacramentals, all objects of godly nature be extended. And He has now a special word for one who is here this evening. Oh, Jesus says this person shall be cured of their malignancy. He promises the cure for this malignancy on one condition: that when this person is cured they will offer a mass monthly for a departed spouse. That must mean husband or wife. I--I think, I don't know if Jesus wants me to speak up. He said that this person has a departed spouse, but willed that this remaining party will be cured of the malignancy.

Now Jesus is raising His hands very high over His head. Now He asks to extend all your sacramentals, and if you cannot bring them out to the open, He said, He will bless them on your person.
      Now Jesus is going to the right side of the flagpole, and His hand is being extended, oh, high over His head. And He is blessing in the sign of the Trinity. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. And now He is smiling, and He is shifting His arm and coming over to the right side of the flagpole. And Our Lady is next to Him. And now--oh, both together, Our Lady is raising Her large crucifix which is on Her Rosary.
      Our Lady has a white Rosary with a very large golden crucifix. And Jesus is raising His hand now. I don't know if I can do it; it is like with three fingers, like this. And He is making the sign of the Trinity. And Our Lady is blessing in the sign of the cross. And now They are moving over; They are like floating over to the left side. They are between the flagpole and the tree, now. And Our Lady is bending down. And She is smiling down at someone standing right under the tree. And She's raising Her hand, and so is Jesus. Now They are blessing everyone on the left side of the flagpole: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Now Jesus is standing here, He's, He says:

      Jesus--"My Mother has come as a Mediatrix to earth. I have offered Her this opportunity to save the children of earth. Listen to Her words of caution and direction, and you will be saved. I extend to My children My Heart. The Father promises all salvation if you will just follow His direction."

Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

      Jesus--"My heart is heavy. I shall not go into detail of the abominations being committed within My House on earth, but I ask all to make sacrifice, do penance, for My representatives who are in darkness and entered upon them a great delusion."

      Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.

      Jesus--"Continue, My children, with your prayers of atonement."

Veronica--Jacinta will be beatified. And Our Lady said that Lucy will bear witness to her words, here at this Shrine. At this Shrine. She said that; that's what Our Lady said. Our Lady said Jacinta will be beatified. And Lucy will bear witness to her words, here at this Shrine. I don't know exactly . . .
      And Our Lady said . . . She smiled and She said:

      Our Lady--"That is all I will tell you, My child, at this time."

Jacinta and Francisco beatifiedJacinta and Francisco beatified

Veronica--Oh, yes. And there--Oh, there is Jacinta. Oh, oh! Jacinta--oh, yes. Oh, Jacinta--oh, next to her is a little boy. And she is telling him to take off his hat, it is not proper. Oh, that is because Our Lady now is standing next to him.
      And Our Lady--oh, Our Lady is beautiful. Oh, Our Lady has on a long white gown and a mantle,though the mantle is all one piece from Her feet all over Her head, down to the other side. And She is beautiful. Oh, Our Lady looks very young, very young--oh, like a very young girl. Oh, and She is saying--oh, and Our Lady now is pointing up to the sky beyond me. And She's saying:

      Our Lady--"Let this not be taken lightly as My warning at . . ."

      Veronica--. . . and there is big letters in the sky, "FATIMA": F-A-T-I-M-A.
      And Our Lady is repeating. She said:

      Our Lady--"Veronica, My child, repeat this now. Do not take My warnings here lightly, for you have waited too long at Fatima."

      Veronica--F-A-T-I-M-A. It is written clear across the sky. Oh. Now the little boy, Francisco, he is shaking his head, "yes." And he's looking over, and Jacinta, Jacinta--I can hear her, she is very light, her voice is very low.

      Jacinta--"I tried to tell you what would happen to the world just as Our Lady told me to tell you. I tried to tell you. Maybe my words were not clear, but it all has happened and made us all here very unhappy because Our Lady cries. When I was on earth, Our Lady came to me and cried, also. And I promised Her, and now I am sad because you do not even believe me now. And I gave you the picture, too.
      "I would like you to send more of the pictures to everyone now."

      Veronica--Our Lady says:

      Our Lady--"You will not worry of the message of My Immaculate Conception. Though the world has sought, through satan's direction, to destroy not only the divinity of My Son, but My purity. I wish, My child, that instead of written message you now send the picture in abundance. The monies that would be used for the printing of the message of the Feast Day you will now use to send immediately the picture throughout the world.
      "Jacinta warned you of the affairs of Rome. Now one remains to be fulfilled, the secret of Heaven and earth. I have entrusted you with this already, and I have asked you to prepare yourself and those you love for this eventuality."  
Veronica--Now it is growing very--the light seems to be--it is growing very dark. And Our Lady now is going over to the right side of the flagpole. And She is rising Her Rosary now. I can't see Jacinta any more. It's as though she has just gone back into the sky. And She is raising Her Rosary high above Her head. Now the Rosary is forming--oh, Her white Rosary is turning blue, and it is forming a "G" clef-- oh, it's the "G" clef in the picture. Our Lady said:

      Our Lady--"This was My sign to you of the power of My beads of prayer. You will use these instead of idle words. This direction I give to the high priests of My Son's House. You have abandoned prayers for the love of the world. You have accepted false teachings of humanism and have developed a destroying love for the material. Now you will make an about face and return to the proper teachings. Prayer will recover you from the darkness into which you have led yourselves and others.
      "A great responsibility for the many punishments that will come upon your country and the world will be set before the high priests in the House of God.
"I feel at this time there is no further need for direction but that you open your hearts to the Holy SpIrit and allow the light to enter your souls. Get down on your knees and pray, and direct your sheep to keep a constant vigilance of prayer. For you have reached the crisis, and the direction now lies with man. Your world has given itself to satan."

      Veronica--Now Jesus is stepping forward; He looks very serious. He is not even smiling, as I usually see Him smiling. Jesus is stepping forward, and He says:

      Jesus--"Many love God, but many must know the fear of God. Many have chosen to sell their souls to get to the head. They have received their warning. They have been given the chance now to turn back. The world is now receiving the Gospels. When iniquity has reached its highest peak, know that My Coming is then at hand. And it will not be long that I shall return to visit upon the wicked the justice that is so long delayed, delayed by the pleas of My Mother."

      Veronica--Now there is a large ball. It is very dark. And there is a very dark cross now on the top of the ball. It looks now that under the underside of the ball are great drops. But for the darkness, it looks like the  

 world is bathed in blood. Now, now it's growing very dark. I can't see. I can't see the world, the globe, or the cross. And it's written across the sky, "PENANCE." They're large letters, "PENANCE, SACRIFICE, ATONEMENT."   
      Now Our Lady has come forward, and there--oh, there are many angels with Her. They are all standing about. And She says that:

Our Lady--"The war continues and is accelerating. Unless there is a drastic change, you country will then have a greater devastation. The hourglass is dripping, and two grains remain."

      Veronica--In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.
      Our Lady requested that I speak on my own, which I always find very difficult to do. But since I was unable to be here on Her Feast Day of the Immaculate Conception, I will allow Our Lady to direct me what to say to you.

She wants to give to all a simple truth from the Father. Our Lady says that much has been questioned by man of Her Immaculate Conception of Jesus. And also Her birth.

Now Our Lady said that the Father knew before Her birth and the birth of all on earth what would transpire in time to come. Therefore, Her birth was not by accident, because before time came, it was all deemed to be. Therefore, the questioning also of the birth of Her Son would be most easy to understand, Our Lady said, if you know the power of the Father. For nothing is impossible with God.
      The world needed to be saved. The gates of Heaven needed to be opened to a sinful man. Therefore, the Father deemed to send His Son to earth and planned before "My birth," Our Lady says--Her birth, that She should be there to bring forth this heavenly Being Who would be known as the Son of Man and the Son of God. It was the plan of the Father to try to teach man and lead him back to the road to the Kingdom which had been shut to him. And because of his evil ways and his turning to satan, he had lost that road and the keys had been taken from him temporarily.
      Therefore, when, Our Lady said, She saw Her Son sacrificed upon the wood, She suffered greatly. But Her suffering and Her joy was intermingled, for She was given the knowledge before the birth of the Son that He would come to save all mankind. Therefore, when He returned to the Father, Her heart was lightened, knowing that She would remain but a short time and join Him in the Kingdom. So the loss was but a temporary heartache to Her.
      Our Lady knows that many question this. It is only because satan wishes to place doubt and destroy the truth. So Our Lady asks that you keep in your heart the truth and be not swayed by scientific minds that have been given great knowledge, but never the truth.


Our Lady asked me now to give you a very urgent message. Our Lady would like all to be disciples now for Her Son. Our Lady would like promotion of the Rosary in every parish. Each one present is requested to approach their pastor to have the Rosary hour, one hour a week, within their parish, if it is not being propagated already.
      Each individual will now do all in their powers, and their power will be great with the help of Our Lady, to spread not only Her message, She said, Our Lady said, of the years gone by (I believe Our Lady means Fatima) but also of the present messages given here and throughout the world, because of the punishemnts that are soon at hand.
      Therefore, please, Our Lady asks that all propagate the Rosary and the need for penance and sacrifice. And the greatest sacrifice, Our Lady feels, is that all should deny themselves of many of these pleasures and riches that have been given to them now in this country. For they have now gone far beyond what nourishes the soul. But the pleasures now and the riches have been given to many by satan to destroy their souls. Our Lady would prefer that all now retire and live a simple life.
      Fathers and mothers must bring their families back to family prayer. This is urgent, for you mothers and fathers who have children that have brought sorrow to their hearts will bring them back if they pray within their homes. Our Lady said that the families that pray together will now stay together. And the power of prayer is far beyond what the human mind can understand, for prayer will be instrumental in conversion. It has the great power of conversion.
      So you parents, Our Lady now says, who suffer at the hands of your children from disobedience, the using of drugs, profanity, abuse, disrespect, pray them back into your homes. There isn't one child in your family that cannot be saved if you are willing to take the time to pray for them.
      The worldly means now being offered to you are false, Our Lady says. Our Lady said your government, your schools, your means of entertainment, all have been made to destroy you and destroy your children. The God-given way is simple. It is prayer and the following of the Commandments given by your God. Science will never substitute what God has created. Therefore, in order to save yourselves and your children, you must return to the simple ways and the simple rules of God.
      Therefore, Our Lady says, follow the simple plan. Save your families. Bring them together with prayer, by example. And Our Lady says it will not be easy if this example has been cast aside. It will take time. Don't expect it to happen fast. Our Lady said it will take time. Pray. The mother and father get down on their knees and pray the Rosary. Eventually ask, and exercise your discipline within your home. Children, they are never too old to obey their parents.


As we were praying here, Our Lady wanted me to tell you this. She said that there are many dedicated who are leaving the holy Church of God. This offends Jesus very much. Once a man has been chosen by Jesus through the Holy Spirit to become His represntative on earth, he is a priest fur life. Now satan has set forth a plan to entice the men of God from the House of God. He is very cunning.
      Now Jacinta tried to warn in 1917 about the fashions. Satan has placed many enticements, using the humanness of man--and a priest is still a human being. Now Our Lady wants the habits returned to the ground, as Saint Theresa said at the last Vigil, for this reason. Satan has created the new habits among the nuns. Those who are being led into darkness are deluded into thinking that we have entered into a modern world and, as such, we must dress modernly. God does not change in Heaven; Jesus wants no change.
      Not only that, instead of retiring in prayer and their life as a religious, they prefer, Our Lady said, now to go out into the world. They think they will save souls by going out into the world. Instead, they are slowly losing their souls and being instrumental for the loss of others who are looking to them for guidance and are being led down the road to hell.
      Now many of the dedicated are asking for leaves of absences from the Church because they are confused, Our Lady said, by these changes. Well, Our Lady wants you to just stay where you are. Pray when you become confused. Don't expect to find greener pastures by leaving what you have taken a vow to safeguard. You are dedicated to be representatives of Him in His House and an example. Now when you think you will save souls by going out into the world, you are being deluded. Because when you leave your vocation, you destroy yourself and you will be in hell.
      Our Lady said that it is a delusion that you will save souls by going out into the world. A priest of God must remain within the spirit. He does not expose himself to politics. He does not go out and live strictly among the world--deserting his church, as the nuns desert the convents, and thinking that he will save his fellow man by living like him. No, he subjects himself to more temptation, and soon he will find that he enjoyed the living outside.
      Well, he doesn't know that he has the greatest gift that could be given to an individual. He was chosen to represent Jesus, and he turned his back not because he was ill or was forced, but he left of his own will because he preferred the world. And Our Lady has been very upset about this, because this has been satan's plan to try to destroy the convents, shut them down, destroy holy Church, shut down the churches.
      It's a terrible heartbreak to Our Lady when one of Her priests, an ordained priest, prefers to turn his back on Jesus when He sorely needs him, and go out in the world. That is why we pray so hard, because satan is fighting to destroy the dedicated.

Our Lady said, "Woe to the nun who leaves her convent and entices the priest to give up his vocation, for hell will claim many."
      Our Lady wished me to tell you this, too. There is one here tonight who is contemplating leaving the priesthood. Rather than test yourself by asking a leave of absence and going out into the world, go to a secluded monastery and retire in prayer and contemplation. Don't ask the advice of those out in the world, for the world has now been given to satan. Retire within prayer and ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you, because if you go out and seek your answer in the world, you are doomed.
      And Our Lady said any priest who has been ordained and knowingly turns his back on Jesus, preferring to live a life of the world, has forever given up his privilege, as a representative of Christ, to enter the Kingdom. For when he turns his back on his vocation, he has already sold his soul to satan. He shall not enter into the Kingdom because he has denied the greatest grace that could be given to a man on earth--to be calIed by God to be His representative.
      And this, Our Lady said, is so important that the word must be passed on. Because this is the main attack of satan on the dedicated now, the nuns and the priests. And the nuns also are being instrumental in luring them from the Church. And they, too, will end in hell.

Our Lady said I was to repeat, "Woe to the nun who leaves her convent and entices another to follow her, for both shall be fired forever, eternally, in damnation of hell."

December 30, 1972 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

"Woe to the nun who leaves her convent and entices...

the priest to give up his vocation”