December 31, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 2


Spectacular photo of some inner circle workers.

Spectacular photo taken on the sacred grounds by Nellie Hart in 1974. Several of Veronica's close workers are partially visible, including Maureen Ferguson, whose face appears just inside the rope of the inner circle. Veronica told Nellie that her photographs will be examined and studied carefully by the Bishop's official investigative committee charged with the task of determining the authenticity of the Bayside Apparitions.

“Tell the dear soul that the Rosary of the little children is much loved in Heaven. [Francisco and Jacinta]


“Like little children, you must follow My Son in loving obedience, questioning not the motives or methods of Heaven, but confidence in His all-knowing goodness.”

Veronica—I see the floor in the chamber of the League of Nations, but I do not see faces behind the desks. I see serpents, their tongues lashing out in every direction.

Our Lady—“Where is the godhead in this group? What is their true purpose, as they play with the lives of millions?




“Liars, sent by the father of all liars!

“Trust not in the ways of man, but place your full trust in your God.

“Many materials destructive to the soul are being


shipped here from England. These soul destroyers are included in the practice of witchcraft, devil worship—soul destroyers!

“Who opens the doors to this brood of vipers?

“O My child, if I could take you on My travels, what sorrow would fill your heart. Already many are imprisoned because of the love of My Son and the upholding of the truth. And sad to say, the imprisonment is also within your country that has always been called the land of the free.” [Pause]

Veronica—Our Lady said the rest of this Rosary must be continued, because at this very moment many lives are being lost without grace. Without having the grace, these people are now at this moment dying, and we will see in the papers the evidence.

“Because of revelry and sin this evening, many lives will be lost. You will count them in your morning papers. Continue your Rosaries for those who are already dying and not in the state of grace. Due to the mixture of drugs and drink, the deaths will be counted so numerous!

Our Lady—“How sad to see many dying in the