June 18, 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2

What more must we do but place the full load
Of saving all souls on the few who are bold,
Who'll stand up and fight for all Heaven's glory,
And meet with Pope Paul at the end of life's story!

Our Lady—-“Everyone has to care .... Not enough who care. So many will be lost!”

“I love you, My children. I love you, My children. I will come soon.”

Speaking of the Rosary, Our Lady said:

Our Lady—“These are the pearls of Heaven, pearls of prayer. These are My pearls of prayer to Heaven.

“I am your Mother of love. Blessed is he who extends his love to his brothers and gives his heart to Me.

“I love you all, My children; but you must pray more. I love you all, My children. My arms are filled with roses.

“My heart is sad. My Rosary has been discarded in many places, and neglected here.”


Our Lady did not appear, because Her requests and directives given to Veronica for the clergy had been ignored. If only one—just one request had been heeded—but no one listened.

Veronica served only as the messenger and the intermediary of Our Lady's messages, in childlike obedience to Our Lady.

“Many Rosaries must be said.

“There must be vigils kept on feast days at the Shrine. The first Vigil will take place on July 1, 1970, at 9 P.M. [This is the Feast of the Most Precious Blood of Jesus and the eve of of the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady to Saint Elizabeth.]

“Candles must be carried at all vigils, to be lighted at the time of twelve to herald the newday of the Feast. As candles are lighted, this invocation is to be repeated:
“Mary, Light of the World, pray for us!
Our Lady of the Roses, pray for us!
Mary, Help of Mothers, pray for us!”

The beads of prayer are like music to Heaven's ear. Lights from the vigil candles, held up by participants, form the musical scale, with one G-clef made out of rosary beads.

June 19, 1970
Locution from Our Lady to Veronica:
“Be patient. We have much work to do. Your work is just beginning.”

June 20, 1970
Locution from Our Lady to Veronica: