July 15, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 1

“Promoted for the destruction of your soul...
Avoid All Forms of Entertainment

July 15, 1970
Eve of the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady—“Pray for My priests. They are led into the darkness.

“Many hearts are hardened to the truth. There is salvation in prayer.

“Many will be sacrificed in the engulfment. Carry your cross, My children.

“All hearts must rise to Heaven in prayer.

“The light is burning low. Satan will seek to extinguish this light.

“Man has become arrogant, forgetting his God. Many of My dedicated have lost their way.

“Mothers, watch and guard your children with prayer, for they are the victims of evil.


“You must avoid all forms of entertainment, for they have been promoted for the destruction of your soul.

“My Son is still shedding His blood for the sins of the world. A Mother's heart is breaking. He accepts this suffering, My children, because He loves you.


“The doors of hell are open wide. Save your soul and those you love. Prayer alone can save you.

“The light is burning low. Open your hearts to the Holy Spirit. Be guided by the light. Without My Son, you are lost.

“I hear the mournful cry of the dove. So many souls will be lost.”

[In 1969, Veronica saw in vision a large dragon standing up on its two hind legs; it was flailing out with its two hand-like front legs. And to its right side there appeared a beautiful white dove, flying fearlessly into the face of the monstrous dragon. This staunch little dove kept repeatedly flying into the face of this danger.]

“Our Kingdom is just a sleep away. Bring the reality of this to My children.

“Your world here is only temporary.


Veronica with her shrine cross at a Vigil.

“Turn away from your satanic diversions, before it is too late! The pleasures blind you to the truth and place you on the wide road, away from My Son.