July 1, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken
“Do not murder the little ones!...
Life Breathed at the Moment of Conception”

July 1, 1970
Eve of the Feast of the Visitation of Our Lady [Also the day the New York abortion law took effect.]

Our Lady—“My Rosary will be the light of the world.

“Prayer can only stop the Man of Perdition. Half of the world is already in darkness. No man is beyond the reach of satan.

“Many will perish in the engulfment. There is salvation in prayer. Turn to My Son. Give Him your heart.

“Pray for those who have not lived. He breathes the spirit of life at the moment of conception. Do not murder the little ones!

“His hand grows heavy. Many souls will be lost. All Heaven is saddened. Man walks the road to his own destruction!

“Pray for your brothers. Bring My Message to the world. So many souls will be lost!


“Man has forgotten My Son. It hurts to be turned away. Love My Son, as He loves you! You can't bargain with God and man. One you will love, the other you will hate.


“The strong must carry the weak. Keep His cross before you always. Prayer and sacrifice will be your guide to the light. Place not your trust in this world, for it is your exile.

“Eternity is forever!

“The children are the innocent victims. Pray for your children. My tears fall on all mothers. Come to Me, for I will comfort you.

“Pray! Pray always, My children. There are many souls to be saved.

“I know of a Mother's broken heart that tears cannot mend. My Son will comfort you.

“I bless you all, My children. Pray My Rosary daily.”


Veronica in ecstasy at Vigil circa 1973.