August 5, 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt 1

“Man has lost his purity...  

The Fashions Grieve All Heaven”


August 5, 1970
Eve of the Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord

Our Lady—“Who can separate the wheat from the chaff except God? Do not judge your fellow man lest you be judged. As ye sow, so shall ye reap. Trust and love one another, as you are all brothers. Be not governed by suspicion.

[Jesus appeared to Veronica at this time in the sky, to the right of the flagpole.]

Our Lady—“I weep for the murder of the holy innocents. Man has discovered sophisticated sin, governed by body pleasures. Only satan could fashion such diabolical destruction.

“I wander the earth in tears. My children have forgotten Us. So many will be lost.

“Why won't you listen to Me? I plead with you as your Mother: listen to Me, before it is too late! The darkness grows deeper. So many souls will be lost. So many will be martyred.


“There are many friends ready to defend you. Open your hearts. There are many friends in Heaven. We send our love and help to you. Open your hearts to them.

“Man has lost his purity. All parents must guard the children's souls. Be firm with your children. The fashions grieve all Heaven.


“Remain close to My Son. So many will be lost.

“Stay always within the light, for satan seeks to take the word from their hearts.

“Your crosses will increase from now on, but persevere and you will reach the Kingdom.

“We weep for the destruction man has sown.

“You must temper your appetites. Excesses weaken the soul. The road to satan is easy, but Heaven is earned very hard. It is not an impossible road to follow, just one guided by love with prayer.

“Many messages of the past must be dispersed now. All souls must be reached. Every soul is precious to a loving Father.

“I have wandered far to try to save you, but you choose to close your ears to My pleas. I have come to warn you, to save you. I wish to place My mantle over all My children so that not one will be lost.


Our Lady blessing Veronica's Shrine Cross.

“The time is short, so you must make reparation now, and learn to recognize the signs from Heaven. You must be guided by the light. The Holy Spirit will always be with you.