August 14, 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 1
“The enemy is within Holy Church . . .  
  Satan will find many to create heresy"

August 14,1970
Eve of the Assumption of Our Lady

Our Lady--“This should be almost joyous occasion, My children, but We look down and see thousands of slaughtered innocents. We cry tears of anguish. The Father demands punishment!

“We beg penance and reparation of you all. All loving hearts must bear the burden of this sorrow, to pray for those lost on the road to perdition, forever to be lost to Heaven. Pray, My children. Never cease in your prayers, for many are at the brink of eternity on the road to eternal damnation.

“Thou shalt not destroy a creation of the Most High. Repent! Repent now, while there is still time!

“Look, My child, on the punishment to be. The Chastisement will be metered in measure of the extensive infested nature of man's sin and his disregard of all urgent admonitions and requests for immediate reparation.


“Look, My child. . .”

Veronica —I saw men, women, and children, all rushing panic-stricken along a road, fleeing some devastation in horror. It was very evident on the petrified faces, the fright and shock of the


Along the roadways I saw blackened bodies, charred bodies! I screamed, ‘No! No! Save us, Mother of God! Please save us!’ I retched, my stomach sickened . . . the sight so awful!

Our Lady—“My voice cries a Mother's constant plea to make sacrifices and atonement now, for the time will come when this will be denied you.

“Visit My Son often, for He is lonely.”

At this time Jesus, Mary, Saint Joseph, and Saint Theresa appeared to Veronica. Jesus and Mary were dressed in white, Joseph in a tan robe, Theresa in Carmelite brown with a white cape. Saint Theresa looked down and cried out:

St. Theresa—“My garments--what are they doing to my garments?” [It was the change she saw in the habits of nuns that upset her. Nuns wearing these new habits are most disapproved of in Heaven; they are described as “half-hearted vocations,” with vanity and much worldly attachment.]


Miraculous photo of dried up bones all piled up, one on top another. Our Lady says in the message that the coming comet, which she calls the Ball of Redemption, will cause skin to dry up and blow off the bones.

people in flight on foot. Women pulling children along with them, unable to keep up with the fast pace. Fleeing, fleeing. . .shielding the children's faces from a sight so awful!