August 14, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Part 2


Our Lady—“Build a wall, My children, a wall of prayer to protect you from the contamination. Wear My Rosary. Never let it be far from your hand. Satan will seek to discard this chain. It is the chain to salvation. It is your link to the Kingdom.

“Saint Joseph has been forgotten. Love him. Pray to Saint Joseph, for he will guide you on the path.

“The enemy is within Holy Church. Satan will find many to create heresy, with the loss of the true Faith. Resist the knife that seeks to cut Holy


Our Lady appears in side profile (white figure in foreground) over the crutches of a lady from Massachusetts who was miraculously cured on the Vigil grounds. This is divine confirmation of the miracle.
Our Lady appears over crutches in this photo.


Church asunder, for My Immaculate Heart will triumph over all evil.

“The present strife is but a symptom of the underlying sickness, the loss of soul. Prayer is your beacon in the dark world.

“Sadly I say, My children, this glorious land has fallen to the enemy of God, weakened by lusts of the flesh, bought by the love of material gain. O sorrow of sorrows for the fall of man!

“I will always be with you, to save you. I bless you all, My children.”