August 21, 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

“Do not disrespect Our Vicar . . .  
He Is Not the Cause of the Discord”

August 21, 1970
Eve of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Our Lady—“Stand beside My Vicar.

“There will be many martyrs in the conflagration.

“Do not abandon the Holy Father, for he is your father on Earth!

“Do not abandon My Son's gift to you in holy Church, for it is Our home on Earth. It is your heavenly habitude sheltering you from the dark knights that are wandering about to drag you to the bottomless pit. Find shelter in Jesus' arms. Remain close to Him.

[Jesus then spoke to Veronica in locution:]

Jesus — “Do not test My mercy, My children, for your penance will be most severe. Comfort Me, My children, for it hurts to turn the other cheek.

“I must admonish you to stop these murders


now! The punishment planned is far worse than you could ever conceive in your imagination. Father against son, son against father. Daughter against mother. Woe to man who refuses to repent his sin! The brightest star in all Heaven will be dimmed on that day!

“Mothers, stand together! Outwit the enemy that seeks to ravage your children.


“Heaven lies just beyond the light sent forth by the Father of love.

“Do not disrespect Our Vicar. He is not the cause of the discord or the disorder. Many of his trusted have fallen.

“Desecrate not the physical Presence of My Son on Earth! O thoughtless, careless child, how long can I hold back His hand?

“Pray, My children, pray! Recover all souls from Purgatory. Physical death is but the beginning of the spiritual life, the eternal life. I am the Mother of the world. Come to Me, for I will comfort you.

“Tear down the temples¹ put up by satan, for many are in your country now.

Store up your graces, My children; the final battle is near!”

¹Our Lady referred to the cult of devil worshipers, and also the black mass now in existence in various cities of our United States—-New York and San Francisco.


Our Lady—“Be not slack in your prayers, My children, by following the pleasures of this world's time, for there is no measure of time in Heaven! A thousand years here on earth is as one day.

“The brightest stars in Heaven won their crowns through suffering.