September 7, 1970 Bayside Message • Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken

“Only God can purify the hands...  

No soiled hands can touch My Son's Body”

September 7, 1970
Eve of the Nativity of Our Lady

Veronica —Our Blessed Mother frowns on certain fashions. Be always Mary-like in dress. Avoid shorts and slacks.

Veronica saw in vision the Eagle. It was most frightening, for the Eagle was a blackened, charred skeleton.

Our Lady—“Victim souls are needed, souls who will accept out of love the cross, in loving union with Jesus, for world atonement.

“I have come to warm you, My children. The hour grows short. I roam the nations crying for souls, for the Chastisement is imminent. Repent!


abominations to starve young souls. Woe to defiled man! Why do you deny My angels? The beauties of Heaven are in their arms.

“Remember, My children, Heaven and earth will pass away. All will be as white. But I hold the key to the Kingdom, given by My Son. No one will come to the Father but through My Son. Stay under My mantle, My children, and you will find peace. Reject Me or My Son, and the end of life as you know it will be hastened.

“I am the advocate of peace, the Mediatrix between God and man, abundant with graces for the asking. I am now the guardian of the cross. I stand beneath the cross; I shed My blood beneath the cross.

“No soiled hands can touch My Son's Body. Only God can purify the hands.

“Heed My admonition. You are not safe in all security. Retire in prayer. Retire from the things of the world. Allow the Holy Spirit to guide you and you will be saved. Each soul has a covenant with the Lord.

“Pray always. Save souls, your Rosary in your hands. I bless you all, My children.”

photo of plucked eagle.Miraculous photo depicting a plucked eagle. The eagle symbolizes the United States. Only the skeleton of the eagle is left. The Eagle has been plucked and the body torn apart by Satan, meaning that the once great and illustrious United States of America has now fallen to sin and immorality.

“A blackened moon ... a bleeding sun ... holes in earth ... high waves ... screaming voices ... all quiet ... cities leveled.

“Pray to My Son to send forth the Holy Spirit.

“Keep your Rosary about your neck--not for decoration, but to pray, to have it always with you. I send forth My graces in abundance: redemption, graces, peace!

“The children are the innocent victims, misguided by the dedicated who feed half truths and black