September 28, 1970 Bayside Message•Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken Pt. 2


trim. Saint Theresa appeared. Some women with her were dressed in black and white habits. Theresa was dressed like Padre Pio, in brown. The saints were gathered with the angels.

Veronica saw some little girls, approximately 3 to 4 years of age, in long pink gowns with gold trim, little cherubs. They were holding a golden cord in a semi-circle. In front of them stood Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Above them all, in glimmering splendor, was Our Blessed Mother, dressed in shimmering blue and white. Jesus stood near, breathtaking in a deep red velvet robe.

Our Lady—“I am aware of all your requests, My children, for every sigh do I hear.

“Tell Ben, I bless his heart.


“There will be many cures. Many blessings will come through this medal.The medal of Our Lady of the Roses

“You have seen much, My child, for there is a time for joy and a time for sorrow. As you can see, the joys are in abundance.”


Veronica extended her hands to gather these treasures that fell upon her face, and wished to bathe forever in this beautiful, glorious downpour of external beauty.

[Jesus came forward at this time to bless all the people. Veronica asked all to kneel.]

Jesus —“I do not ask but your love.

“Your obligation to the world, Veronica, will be heavier because you have been allowed to see many things beyond your world.

“Continue to give to the world -- to bring Our Message to the world. It is not an easy task. But carry your crosses with joy for the expectancy of Heaven to come.”

Our Lady —“I let fall a shower of roses upon you.”

At this time, Michael and Gabriel extended their hands and were sprinkling tiny slivers of silver cut glass, appearing to Veronica like cut diamond particles, that shimmered gloriously in the light. They were shown to her as graces from Heaven.