The 27th Anniversary of Bayside Letter

In honor of Our Lady's 27th year of coming to Bayside, and in memory of Veronica's passing from our midst almost two years ago, we dedicate this letter.We bring tidings of great joy to you all! As we announce on our home page, issue #4 of our publication Roses From Heaven is finally available to the world. And what an exciting new issue it is: three spectacular 1972 messages of Bayside, an article on the incredibly awe-inspiring image of the Virgin Mary on the glass-paned wall of a Finance building in Clearwater, Florida; an update on flood disasters in the U.S., 7 of the best miraculous photos taken at Bayside, the beautiful specially-created cover picture of Veronica in Heaven surrounded by a choir of admiring angels.There is also a fantastic testimonial from a lady right here in Miami concerning the direct sign she received from St. Theresa about the authenticity of Bayside. Subscribe now to this great gift of Heaven for only $3.00 an issue, or $28.00 for twelve issues. It is the only publication in the world publishing the back messages of Bayside! If you wish, we'll even send you a complimentary copy. Just call us at (305) 864-1683 and order your copy today!

Bayside received these wonderful words of encouragement from a believer in England by e-mail a couple of months ago:

"I'm not here to cause you grief. I know that a Bishop has disapproved of the apparitions at Bayside... but I don't believe him. I have read most of Our Lady's messages given through Veronica and have found that they shine with truth. I speak as someone who has had many years of trials and tribulations in our Mother Church and have been able to learn enough about our church and teachings to know and discern (with the Lord's help) the truth.

"Please understand that we are not all as gullible as most church officials believe. Our Lady has warned us of their corruption. As far as I can see from their so called attacks (about Veronica & Bayside) they say that the messages go against Catholic teaching... I fail to see how. I've read them over and over again and find nothing that would go against Church teaching. What I do find is blunt and straight-to-the-point revelations about how evil infiltrators have corrupted and distorted Our Lord's traditional teachings with their own worldly additions and modifications.

"I will follow Pope John Paul II and listen to him, not some Bishop or strings of Bishops who would like the Church run according to their whims and fancies and who put our Holy Father aside. How many Bishops and clergy disobey the Pope and twist and distort traditional teaching to suit their own desires for a more sinful way of life? A GREAT DEAL OF THEM - A VERY GREAT DEAL. I know in my heart that when the great apostasy swings into full force, many of them will join the antichrist and desert our Holy Father, because the antichrist will give them a church according to their own desires.

"How people can just walk around like blind fools amazes me. All they do is condemn and don't examine everything that is put before them. Our Lady has warned so many times about false bishops, priests and cardinals, but do most people listen? No. They are quite happy to go along with them. Why? Because if they follow the erroneous decisions that some church officials make they can continue to live in their soft beds of sin. That is why. If they had to do otherwise then they would have to give up all their pleasures and fancies. So they will follow these decisions to quench the fires of their burning consciences...little do they know that God cannot be deceived!


"You are doing a wonderful job with these web pages. Keep up the marvelous work and don't be discouraged by fools who see and yet do not see!

"You have all my love in Christ!-- Paul"

To update you on the Valentine's Day newsletter, I've finished taking evening classes on desktop publishing; so I will be able to devote all my spare time to publishing ROSES FROM HEAVEN monthly, and to update this website weekly.You can imagine how busy I am at the moment. What I need is help and expertise to get it to you faster in the meantime. Is there anyone out there interested in helping out?

A recent visitor e-mailed me his appreciation for this website, while at the same time expressing interest in other purported places of Apparitions. As to the validity of other visionaries and Apparition sites, I can only vouch for the authenticity of Veronica Lueken and the messages of Bayside. I would caution all my readers to be extremely prudent and wary in approaching the others. You must use your God-given powers of spiritual discernment in your approach to miracles and the supernatural. As St. Paul says: "Test all spirits and retain what is good." I believe nearly all claimed apparitions are probably false. Many of these alleged seers are souls who have entered upon religion for self-gain and/or to feed their personal vanity. By their fruits will they be known, and eventually be exposed for what they truly are.

The major test is whether the claimed messages correspond to the consistent teachings of the Roman Catholic Church throughout the centuries. If there is just one error in doctrine then the whole apparition must be rejected. As Our Lady states in the Bayside message: Satan will give you 99% of the truth, but will slip in one error so that he can eventually lead you astray from your Faith.

To each individual visitor of this site: I wish to initiate a dialogue with you. Tell me about yourself and whether you believe in the Bayside messages. Did you take the time to read some of the thirty or so messages of 1972 that I now have recently added to the site? Tell me, if you did, what do you make of them? Do you wish to get involved in promoting them? I am looking for generous souls who would to do something great for Our Lady's work at Bayside. Can I count on you?

Let me also know where you're from, and what you know about computers and the internet. I'm very interested to know more about you. As I stated in the home page of the website:"This apostolate has no other goal than working for the glory of GOD and the salvation of souls. We encourage those who wish to actively participate in this mission to contact us by e-mail, phone (305-864-1683), or in writing."

Yours in Jesus, Mary, Joseph & Theresa,

Frank Albas