KGB Controls Major Stations in U.S. Government
The above headline (which should send chills all the way down your spine!) is not meant for rhetorical effect, as some of our readers may think. It is taken directly from Jesus' message to Veronica Lueken at the September 7, 1985 Vigil. Jesus prefaced the importance of the revelation He was giving that night by stating: " words will be able to contain the exact knowledge that We give you this evening, whether by parable, or symbolicness, or anything that you may call scientific. This, My child and My children, is a direct Message from Heaven.... They [the KGB] are now holding the major stations in your government." That can only mean that the highest members of the U.S. government are secretly KGB agents, people who head the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, etc. And this already while Ronald Reagan was President! Our Lady stated that though he [Reagan] had a good heart, he was unable to see or understand the evil around him.

They plan, Jesus asserts, to take over without meeting any resistance: "It is true, My child, that one of the KGB agents who rose to power [Khrushchev] was allowed to appear in the Senate and slam his shoe upon the table and say, 'We will take the United States without firing a shot!' Do not take this lightly, My children, for that is exactly what they are doing."

Earlier in the message that night, Our Lady had stated that "a plan has been built now in Russia to attack the United States and Canada....Your country, the Unites States, and Canada, and most of the nations of the world now, are being lined up by Russia for major strikes." Presumably She is talking about workers' strikes, which would paralyse the government and the country—which may in turn cause the world monetary crash, and then allow the government to declare a state of national emergency. Martial law would then be declared. The KGB agents would then take over the government completely.That is a possible scenario of how they would take over without having to fire a shot.

If Plan A doesn't work, then Plan B may go into effect: staging a confrontation with tthe USA. Our Lady warns that we are under constant surveillance on both shores, " as they go about in the outer waters, sailing and diving, and watching, and coming into your land, keeping with them contact with an organization called the KGB. These agents will provoke the U.S. government into a confrontation with Russia.

Perhaps this is what is going on in Yugoslavia. The latest news on that front is that NATO is planning to enforce an oil embargo at sea. They intend to board, inspect and turn away— by force if necessary—all oil tankers heading for Yugoslavian ports, and this includes Russian ships. Yeltsin has already stated that he will not allow that to happen. What will happen then? Some think that Russia is only bluffing. We shall soon see.

The Ruses of the Russian Bear

Don't fall for the tricks and deceits of Russia. The changes there are only cosmetic in nature, designed to fool the West once again about their ambitions to take over the whole world.

Listen to what Our Lady said on June 18, 1992, referring to the so-called "Coup" in 1991, which supposedly buried Communism: "This is a ruse," I repeat again. This is the visage to your country...

Yeltsin: the Man of Sin

"Do you know who is in your nation now? The Man of Sin [Yeltsin]. I counseled you in the past, and I will warn you all for the last time that you have allowed to come in upon your nation a man who is a counterpart, an identical figure to his past successors.

"I tell you now, and I will not tell you again. This is the last time you will receive this counsel.

"As in the past, Lenin; as in the past, Stalin; and Khrushchev; and many others had tried to deceive the United States. They all felt that by trying to ensnare you with delusions of casting aside their communistic aspirations, that they had become as you, a free nation for all.

"I assure you, My children, there is no freedom in Russia. It is all a delusion.

"They seek the monies of the world from the nations of the world. And why do you not learn a lesson? It happened in the time of Lenin; it happened in the time of Stalin. And there you are all on the same road, ready to give billions of monies that should be given to those of your nation and the free nations of the world.

"Do not be deceived, My children, Russia is not free. It is a cosmetic act to delude you. Lenin and Stalin used the same tactics, My children. Why do you not learn from your errors?

"This man, these two men [Yeltsin, Gorbachev] are of the same creed, color, spirituality—or should I say, My children, lack of spirituality. They have a father who is the father of all liars, so what does it make them, My children—Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Yeltsin, Gorbachev?

"That is the same old plan, My children, and those leaders of your nation are as blind as they were in the past. I tell you for your own good, My children of the United States of America, that once was a nation under God and indivisible, that you will fall! If you do not come out of your slumber now, you will fall!

Storing Armaments in Other Nations

"For it is their plan to subdue you, once they get the billions that they need in aid, to bring up the economy and buy more armaments. They have not disposed of their armaments, My child and My children. They store them in other nations. They have the same goals as their forefathers."

Defector Col. Stanislav Lunev on Russia's Plans

If you refuse to believe what Heaven is telling you at Bayside, consider what the highest ranking military intelligence officer ever to have defected from Russia has to say. This happened in 1992 after the so-called "dissolution" of the Soviet Union, when Boris Yeltsin had already come to power. His assignment was to pose as a journalist for the Tass news agency while he spied on the U.S.A.

He has just co-authored a book entitled Through the Eyes of the Enemy: Russia's Highest Ranking Military Defector Reveals Why Russia is More Dangerous than Ever. In his book, he asserts that the Cold War never ended, that the Soviet collapse is part of their deceptive strategy to lull us to sleep; that the Russians are preparing for an all-out nuclear war with the U.S.

First, their plan calls for the special operation forces already here in the U.S. to assassinate all members of Congress, and then destroy key targets like communications facilities, air bases, command centers, etc. They may already have in place nuclear suitcase bombs ready to strike at a moment's notice. Their armed forces are as big and dangerous as before. While we have been foolishly downsizing our military, they have been building more and more advanced nuclear and conventional weapons. Their new Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missiles are said to be more sophisticated than anything we have, and they have just introduced their own version of the stealth bomber.

Underground bunkers the size of cities as large as Washington D.C. are ready for their leaders to take cover in case of enemy retaliation. They plan to move on us with their nuclear and conventional forces only after sabotaging the country from within. If they launched a first strike against us, they probably would destroy most of the country in a very short time.