Excerpts from My Work With Necedah...

Evil Forces—300 top Jews

by Henry Swan—Volume 3, Chap.31, p.256-262

Let's face the facts. The same evil sinister forces of the Hidden Hand of destruction own, control and operate both major political parties in the United States of America, as they do in every country, both large and small in the world. Was it not evident to you that either party could have run on the platform of the other without making three cents worth of difference? Is it not evident to you that the policies of the Administration for a quarter of a century have all traveled the same path to our destruction, ruled from behind the scenes by the same Hidden Hand? Disregard the meaningless words that have been spoken, the lies and the propaganda and examine the record of what has actually taken place.

Communists, One Worlders, World Federalists, New Dealers, and now as Eisenhower speaks of New Republicans, and or any of the various other aliases under which they travel, are in power in all the positions and jobs of any importance whatsoever in our Federal Government. A great many of them are holdovers from the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt once said: "What is wrong with Communism? Many of my best friends are Communists.” Inasmuch as it is a known fact that Communism aims at the destruction of our Constitution and our Government, which is most certainly treason, he could as well have said: "What's wrong with treason? Many of my best friends are traitors.” Bearing the previous statement in mind, and also the fact that one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt 's first official acts was to recognize the Government of Russia and set up diplomatic relations with them, is it any wonder that many of these traitor friends of Franklin Delano Roosevelt found themselves in important policy making positions in the Administration, positions where through their influence, they could get many more of their ilk into jobs in the Government? This, of course, is just exactly what happened. It was all according to the plan of the evil forces of destruction.

Since the time of Roosevelt, all efforts to expose or dislodge these traitors from their positions has met with much resistance from the Administration. Those who so much as hinted that they existed were ridiculed, persecuted and destroyed politically by the same subversive interests. When these conditions were brought to the attention of President Harry S. Truman, he ridiculed the idea and made his now famous or rather I should say, infamous “Red Herring Statement,” which in truth fitted in very well with his proven intellectual stature. Mr. Truman was used as a political dupe, but was never smart enough to realize that he was being used.

The Eisenhower Administration had also followed the same plans of the same Evil Forces to the letter. He who has in some instances tried to offer some resistance but has not the intestinal fortitude, or in the vernacular, guts, to openly buck the tiger. He has faithfully followed their program of cover up, of keeping the truth from reaching the eyes and ears of those who voted him into office, the American people. As a result of this token resistance to some of the plans of the evil forces, Eisenhower came down a year ago last September with an artificially injected heart attack which was to have ended his career. Those who gave him the injection underestimated his strength and stamina and he recovered.

In view of circumstances, it then became necessary to continue to build up Ike's popularity that he might serve as the vehicle for carrying Richard M. Nixon back into office. Nixon is the real tool the Evil Forces want as President of the United States. They feel certain that his limitless ambition and absolute lack of scruples will make him the perfect stooge for the job. He has already proven this willingness to cooperate.

The election is over and won. Ike's usefulness is ended and any day now we can expect him to have a serious relapse or accident which will open the way for Richard M. Nixon's accession to the presidency. Once again those responsible for the demise will sit in mourners row and weep the loudest and shed tears most copiously.

Who are the insidious Forces that operate behind the scenes and control the actions of all nations? Without their identification, this would be absolutely meaningless.

The Evil Forces who move behind and control all governments, whose plot it is to set up a One World Government and a One World Religion, from whence they can centralize and take over absolute control without working from behind the scenes, are made up of the 300 top Jews in the world with one of the Rothschilds in control as supreme head.

They control the world's supply of gold. They control all of the money and the International Banks. They, through their agents, their stooges and their controlled secret societies such as Freemasonry, control the governments and the finances of those governments. Through those same facilities they have both made and destroyed rulers in all countries in the world. They are responsible for the murder or the assassination of at least six Russian Tzars, ten Kings, many other members of Royal families, four United States Presidents and innumerable Ministers and lesser Statesmen in countries all over the world.

They have built up and torn down great Empires to achieve their ends. What are their ends? As sons and agents of Satan, complete destruction of all Christianity, all morality, all that is good, and complete domination of the world and all its people in the name of whose sons and heirs they are.

If these things are true, why have we not been warned? Why would not He whom all Christians accept as Lord and Master have warned us? Why would He allow things to go on and on until the world has reached the point in conditions where man faces possible annihilation? Oh, but He has warned us, and not in parable either, where there could be a question of interpretation, but in words as plain as could, or as can be spoken. Christ spoke to the Jews as follows: "You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie; he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar and the Father thereof.

This statement from the Gospel of St. John, Chapter 8, Verse 44, certainly needs no explanation, nor to anyone with sufficient intelligence to read it. Should there be need of interpretation?

Christ most certainly did warn us, not only in this passage of the Bible, but in others, such as Matthew, 23, 15:

"Woe to you Scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites: because you go round about the sea and the land to make one proselyte; and when he is made, you make him the child of hell twofold more than yourselves.”

Christ warned us all right, but just as the world has refused to follow his teachings, so also have they refused to accept His warnings, and refusing to accept His warnings must pay the consequences.

How many of Christ's Apostles here on earth have been urging us to accept those of Satan's Synagogue as brothers. We, the sons and heirs of Jesus Christ, accepting as brothers the sons and heirs of the Devil and collaborating and cooperating with them to promote our own destruction. Christ didn't refuse to name them, but His Apostles who are supposed to be carrying on His work here on earth have, through fear of man and the Devil, refused to carry on the fight for Christ's Kingdom.

The United Nations

Recently what has been taking place within the United Nations has been constantly in the news, and the people have been misled into believing that all that comes from the United Nations is good, and that it is only through the United Nations that peace and security for the world can come about. There has been some talk of the failure of the United Nations to bring those things about.

If we are to judge as to the failure or the success of the United Nations, we must first analyze the purposes for which it was set up, and whether or not it has achieved those purposes. My contention is that the United Nations has achieved a remarkable degree of success for the purposes for which it was created and for those who sponsored its creation.

First, those who sponsored the United Nations did not set it up to be an instrument of peace but an instrument through which they could promote war and destruction, and then to serve as a Central World Government when they had succeeded in their plans and had gathered together under that dictatorial government the remnants of the world still undestroyed. It was sponsored by the agents of the Evil Forces, those minions of Hell who would destroy Christianity and all that is good and decent.

Its principal architect from our country was Alger Hiss, ace agent of the Hidden Hand and a convicted Communist spy. Can anyone with ordinary human intelligence be so gullible as to suppose that one whose aim was the destruction of our Government, and who was a known agent of our enemies, was trying to set up an agency that was to work for our benefit? Just how foolish can people be? Those agents who sponsored the United Nations were working directly under the guidance of Satan whose main office is Hell, but who is now, with his expanded operations, maintaining many branch offices throughout the world, some of which we furnish free office space for in the United Nations Building in New York City.

If you want to be sure what to fight against, find out what the Devil favors.

The United Nations, to achieve its ends, must have an Army. The situation around the Suez Canal has served to implement the formation of that army without the opposition that it might otherwise have created. True at present it is but a small token force which was approved, but the die has been cast; the Army has been created and in less than one week after it was set up the General in charge was asking for three times the number of soldiers originally approved. Does that in itself not expose the plan? Any nation which contributes soldiers to the United Nations is contributing to its own downfall.

Over 150,000 good Christian American boys have already been swallowed up by that monstrous Frankenstein. Some other members of the United Nations furnished small token forces and support in the illegal and undeclared war in Korea, while others of our Loyal Allies and fellow members in the U.N., namely Great Britain, set up a naval blockade along the China Coast so they could protect their shipments of war materials to the Communists to be used against our soldiers. Needless to say the Communists, through the facilities of the United Nations, knew our every move before it was made. Surely a beautiful setup for slaughter, and we paid in human life and also in money and furnished the war materials for our own destruction. Yes, for those who spawned it, the United Nations has accomplished much and still is accomplishing much.

Need you be told, any of you who read anything in the newspapers besides the funnies, or who listen to anything on the radio besides Elvis Presley, how much more concern there is now in the news commentary for gas and oil for the cars of England and France and for oil for the veins of their industry than there is for blood that has been spilled from the veins of the Hungarians.

Again the United Nations has admirably served the cause of its founders, for again any action which could have aided the Hungarians bogged down until action was too late and all that can be done for the Hungarians is sing dirges and attend wakes.

All of those conditions and those things which have contributed to them have existed and been created during the past Presidential Administrations, but you didn't hear any mention made of any of them during the political campaigns. Rather, to the contrary, every effort was made to keep them buried from the eyes and ears of the public, or to paint them over in such manner as to keep the truth covered up.

For those of you who profess to be Christians need any more be said than the fact that even the name of Jesus Christ is never mentioned there because it is offensive to some of the members, and who are those members? It isn't to the Mohammedans or even to the Heathens, but only to the Jews, the Anti-Christ, those of Satan's own Synagogue who sponsored the creation of the U.N., who direct its destiny and the destiny of all those nations who are its members. The Anti-Christ are doing it for the greater honor and glory of him whose sons and heirs they are—Satan.

The United States of America is now and has been for many, many years the primary target of the Evil Forces for destruction. It is the last bastion of freedom in the world, the last Christian nation of size and consequence. We are not only the target for destruction by those whom we recognize as our enemies, but also of some on whom we look as friends and Allies. As long as we continue to accept Great Britain as friend and ally, we are in the position of a man who crawls in bed every night with a deadly poisonous snake.

It took more than a century of subversion and intrigue, of assimilation, of propaganda and lies to destroy Russia, which was up to the time of its destruction the greatest Christian nation on earth. We are next and the same methods, the same tools, the same propaganda and lies, the same methods of infiltration on the part of the Evil Forces, the same promotion of moral degeneration and materialism, the same flooding of our Country with undesirable aliens, the same promotion of race troubles and hatreds, the same brainwashing and controlled thinking, the same subversion in fields of commerce and business, the same subversion in the field of education, the same distortion of historical facts, the same false economies, the same efforts to turn man against his employer and even man against man, and last but most certainly not least, the same efforts to distort religious truths and turn man against God. All of these things and many more are in evidence in our Country today and still the American people swallow it all and placidly follow the downhill path to certain destruction.

This is a picture of actual conditions in our Country at the time of the election, 1956. It is certainly not the picture portrayed to us in the campaign speeches.

True, we do not recognize it as yet, but World War III, which is to be the final step in our destruction, has already started. We are all ready for the final coup, the final disillusionment and destruction. Fools that we are, and undeserving as we are— may God be Merciful to us—to the United States.

Artist's depiction of Hell