Anti-Christ World Government...

A Zionist Plot for World Control

Excerpts from My Work With Necedah...Henry Swan


Our Holy Mother, the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ, has through Mary Ann Van Hoof given certain work and facts, the purpose of which I do not know. I do know that the Revelations given change the entire world picture from that given to the people through the press, radio and television.

The cunning and basic plot for the control of the world has come down through the ages. It is of the devil, of the Anti-Christ. It has, in part or in its entirety, been adopted by groups or even by individual dictators, whose ambition was world control and world power. In its adoption by each one of these groups, it has been furthering the plan of those by whom it was first conceived.

Lenin and Marx in their plan for Communist control adopted it in its entirety. It is so diabolical, so cunning, so ruthless that those who have had an opportunity to read and study this plan can hardly believe that it could be conceived by a human mind. It is so well disguised, so cleverly hidden and the paths leading to the Central Plot and those behind made so complicated that in trying to trace back to those behind the plot, most get lost in the labyrinths where these devious paths lead them, and never get to the center of it.

People have at times discovered some of the huge plot of the Forces of Evil and the involvement of certain people in the plot, and many of them have lost their lives as a result of their knowledge.

Many of them have been forced to hold their tongues by threat of reprisal.

Here is a statement made by General Douglas McArthur, a great American patriot and one who could shed the light of much truth. “I have been warned by many that an outspoken course even if it be solely the truth, will bring down upon my head ruthless retaliation, that efforts will be made to destroy public faith on the integrity of my views. Not by force of just arguments but by application of the false methods of propaganda. I am told, in effect, I must follow blindly the leaders—keep silent or take the bitter consequences.”

Boston, Mass., July 25,195: Many have been discredited in the eyes of those to whom they wished to expose their knowledge of the Evil Forces, by means of smear campaigns and character assassination. Absolutely any means has been used, from assassination down, to achieve their purposes and goals. There is no foul means the Enemy will not resort to to achieve the end they desire, which is absolute World Control with all the common people as slaves, to be used as they desire.


This is a statement of very great significance for many reasons. It was an answer to a question I had asked one day to try and find out how far back I would have to go to find the foundation for the gigantic plot of the Evil Forces for World Control. It answered that question, and also another which I had asked, and that was this. I asked Mary Ann if in any of her work the answer had been given as to who was behind this Plot from the beginning. She said: “It all started with 30 pieces of silver.”

In that very simple statement lies the answer to both of those questions and more. Those behind the Plot are the descendants of those who crucified Christ when He was here on earth, and have ever since that time been trying to destroy His Teachings and His Church.

This places the blame for this Plot to control the world squarely on those destroyers who crucified Christ and have ever since been destroyers. “I'm supposed to talk to you about the Yiddish guys and how they control things. (Statement from the Work on October 1, 1955)

“You know that place in Willamette, Illinois where the Hub is, and what type of people they are mostly. It was some of those, Hank, as early as 1900, that went into Russia.

The Jews, or Yiddish, (as Mary Ann calls them) have always been destroyers, revolutionists according to the basic evil plan contained in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. They infiltrate and destroy from within, and always their principal tool has been money, gold.

The great Bahai Temple in Willamette, Illinois, is set up as a point for World Control, through the control of World Religion. Christianity in their plan must be destroyed, and causing wars between Christian nations, has been the most effective way of doing it.

However, man must have a religion to cling to, so that has also been taken care of. It is to be the Bahai Religion, which is evil. The Bahai Religion is Judaism in disguise, Talmudic Judaism. That, when the World Plot is complete, is what is to be meted out to us.

They have built two temples at opposite sides of the world, from which two points this World Religion is to spread and take control. One in Syria and the opposite here in Willamette.

The International Yiddish Bankers have financed the whole thing. This is all part of the plot for the One World Government.

Russia is the seat of Communism today. Communism is controlled by the Jews, and is only a tool that they use to achieve their purposes. The Russian Revolution was planned many years as part of this Yiddish Talmudic Plot, many years before it successfully took place. As early as 1900 they were infiltrating. Part of their plan was, as usual, to destroy and create situations which the Government could not handle and thus cause unrest and dissatisfaction among the people. When people are dissatisfied with their Government, then conditions are ripe for revolution and a change.

Russian Cossacks, horsemen of the Russian plains, were hired as paid Revolutionists. They created great terror among the people with their raiding, their cruel and inhuman treatment, murdering grownups and children alike in their cruel raids. The fact that the Government wasn't able to cope with this situation although they tried, was one of the reasons the people were looking for a change.

The Cossacks were able to dominate completely the Ukraine in White Russia, which is the wheat raising area, the breadbasket of Russia.

While this was going on, Lenin and other Revolutionists were demanding the overthrow of the Government which permitted those conditions to exist. The Czar and the Government were innocent and were trying to control things; in fact the Czar, a good man, recognized what was going on, but was unable to control the situation.

The Hub (Bahai Temple at Willamette) was pushing out spokes already at that time. At the same time spokes were being pushed out into China and other portions of the world, setting the stage for that which was to take place later on. This was all part of the Jewish Talmudic Plot for world control.

This great Plot was and is of necessity very complex. However, certain things are elementary. Public opinion must be led in the channels of thinking that they desire. We must be subjected to propaganda and kept from the truth. In this the plot has been very successful. Our newspapers and press services are controlled. Many, many things are kept from the people, many are distorted and changed to fit the purposes of the plotters.

One of the main means of controlling the expression of opinions that might be detrimental to their cause or their plans is by means of controlled advertising. No newspaper or periodical can exist without advertising, so by means of threats to shut off advertising, they can dictate editorial policies. They can handle that very nicely because they control the national advertising. Many papers in the Democratic South came out in support of Dwight Eisenhower for President due to this pressure.

The depression which started with the market crash of 1929 was created to serve a purpose. Many of the newspapers, news services and magazines were bought up at that time, as they were in financial trouble. Control of some were bought up for about five cents on the dollar of actual valuation.

Radio, television and all means of communication are controlled. Some of our radio newscasters are among the male prostitutes who have sold themselves for a price. Their analysis of news directs the thinking of many, many people. Even false polls of one kind or another are used to influence public opinion. For instance, many people like to be able to pick a winner when they vote, and sometimes can be influenced in their vote by false polls.

The true story of Pearl Harbor

Many items of news that could be harmful are stifled completely and never get into the news at all. The true story of Pearl Harbor has never been given to the public in the news. Pearl Harbor had been arranged to create an incident which would involve us into the war. These facts were revealed in the Work here. Kimmel and Short were made the scapegoats, were accused of inefficiency and being derelict in their duties, but it was only to keep any suspicion from falling on those who were actually guilty.

Exactly how many had guilty knowledge and had been in on the intrigue regarding Pearl Harbor, I do not know, but of these I do know as they were given in the Work. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was guilty in every way. He helped with arrangements, so was guilty of the murder of those who lost their lives there. Harry L Hopkins made some of the arrangements. This is a direct quote from the Work:

“Scrap material and scrap iron was sent in great quantities to Japan first before the war. Also concealed under the scrap material was much new materials of war, all ready to be used for the Pearl Harbor deal. All this was planned long in advance.

“Cordell Hull, Sinclair, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Louis D. Brandeis, Harry L Hopkins, Harold Ickes, George C. Marshall, H. L. Stimson, Walter Bedell Smith —all knew about it and helped to promote it to a greater or lesser degree....Pearl Harbor was a great disappointment to them because there were too many survivors. It was supposed to be a complete massacre, like Custer's last stand. ”

Some facts have since been brought out in investigations, but no word has been given to the public. The truth would not be good for them, and would destroy their faith in Government, and would be damaging to certain politicians. If the real War Criminals were to be prosecuted, there would be many vacant homes and apartments in Washington, D.C., and if they were executed as they should be, it would probably be necessary to increase the facilities in Hell to handle the influx.

Another very good example of news prostitution was the reports that were given out to the public for their consumption on the recent Geneva Conference. Most of the issues had been discussed and handled before the Geneva Conference was called. The Conference was solely for propaganda purposes, to continue the brainwashing of the people and keep them in a state of confusion.

As Joe McCarthy said, there were secret conferences and secret agreements. It was determined before Geneva that Red China was to participate and also be admitted to the United Nations. Now this was to soften up the people of the United States so that this will be acceptable to them. Our diplomats and our President are in agreement and are in full cooperation with England and Russia. An agreement was also made previous to the Conference that Great Britain was to have air bases in Greenland.

Enemy submarines have been lurking in our waters, both British and Russian. Great Britain, our supposed Ally, has been trying to secure bases on Greenland for a long time, and not for our protection either.

Here is a direct quote from the Work here, given July 24, 1955: “Cordell Hull, H. A. Wallace, Louis D. Brandeis, H. L. Hopkins, Sinclair, Warren, Harding were in on the Greenland deal. Harding wanted to back out and knew too much, so his demise was arranged. It was one of their first successful removals (by the less crude means). Harding could see the danger of Great Britain having a base on Greenland.

Here is another quote that seems to fit in here:

“Hank, can you remember that news correspondent that died in the Second World War?“ (Ernie Pyle). “He didn't die as was given in the news. True he was shot, but that was because he got into the plans of the Big BOYS with regard to Greenland and other things. In his search for news, he caught a fish that was bigger than the limit.

The news coverage and propaganda on Korea was the same. In the first place, the Korean Police Action (as it was called, to cover up the fact that we had been engaged in an illegal war by order of the President instead of by Declaration, as provided for in the Constitution of the United States) was a disastrous War which served its purpose in the great world plot. It was designed to weaken us, to siphon off the manpower of this Christian Nation. It is to make us more susceptible when the time comes for our final destruction.

Again Great Britain and their friend Russia were in complete agreement, as were the traitors in our own Country. Neither Russia nor Great Britain sustained any losses in achieving their purpose. We lost 150,000, the cream of our young men. They were not permitted to go in and win the war, as they could have done, but were forced to fight according to the rules of our enemies, Russia and Great Britain. Our supposed Ally, Great Britain, was getting Lend Lease material from the United States as our Ally, and reselling it to Russia to be thrown back at our soldiers by the Red Chinese, Allies of Russia. It was the greatest disgrace to which this Country was ever exposed, and it was all done with full knowledge and support by many in our government.

I do not in this case blame President Truman too much, as he was only a stooge, and I believe not entirely capable of understanding. I think he was in way over his head. I would rather think of him as being mentally incompetent than guilty of treason. I think he was extended to the fullest of his mental capacity when he was selling shirts in a haberdashery. If my analysis of his capabilities is untrue, then I must apologize to him and can call him a traitor with the rest.

General McArthur was called back to this Country in disgrace because he wanted to go ahead and win the War instead of seeing our boys slaughtered off in useless combat in a War not supposed to be won. When he got here he was silenced by threats of reprisal against himself and his family, and was finally bribed off by a big paying job. He could tell many things if he could talk.

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