Excerpts from My Work With Necedah...

Devils Laugh With Glee!

by Henry Swan—Volume 3, Chap.4, p.15-17

Apparitions of the Virgin Mary
to Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah

The Devil is laughing in glee these days as he sees his plans for world destruction and domination moving forward at an ever-increasing speed. He is laughing in glee as he sees the ever-increasing number of people who are swallowing his poisonous bait, as he sees those who are his enemies destroying each other. Imagine his joy at seeing the indifference, the apathy of millions of people throughout the world as to what is going on in their own countries. In many countries they now have found out, but it is too late.

In no country of the world is this true as it is here in our own United States of America. In no country in the world have the people as much to lose as in our own country. Our country, God's country, where the people have been showered with more of God's blessings than any country in the world. Our country where, with God's help, our forefathers were able to set up the greatest, freest government in the world.

Our country which has been looked on with hope by all those people in the world who have lost their freedom to the forces of evil, who now sweat and toil and live in constant fear under their dictator masters, where even those same dictator masters sweat in fear of each other and of those they rule.

This, the greatest of all nations, the greatest of all governments in the world, was founded by our forefathers as a partnership between God and man. God sat in on its formation, on the drawing up of our Constitution, and at all government meetings. No decision was made without asking the help and guidance of that partner.

Those in whom we have placed our trust in recent years have revoked that partnership. They have decided to go it alone and here, as in other countries for which we have been feeling sorry, we have now lost our freedom. True, the masses of our people do not yet realize it, for they have been lulled to sleep by the drugged bait of the Devil which has been handed them, and which, in their greed, they have swallowed without first examining it.

What is true of most people is not true of all of them. We still have in our country a few people who have retained their ability to think, and who, being of God, resent His being discarded as a partner. He who is our Master, was willing to be our Partner and help guide us; but He is still our Master even though we discard Him as a partner.

To our Forefathers, God was very real and very close. What have been the things that have been used to draw a whole Christian Nation away from that partnership, to cause them to forget the allegiance that they owe to their Master?

God has said in the very First Commandment which was given to Moses: “Thou shalt not have false gods before you.” We do. As a Nation, material things have replaced God in the minds and thoughts of people. Wealth and power have become the all-important things. Even those who are supposed to be the Representatives of Christ here on earth have swallowed the poisoned bait of the devil and are devoting more time and thought and work to materialistic things and pleasures than they are to the spiritual work for which they were ordained.

We could under no circumstances expect this dissolution of partnership, this flaunting of things of the devil in the face of God to go unpunished. In all fairness and justice we should expect it, and it is at hand.

Man is punishing and destroying man all over the globe. Millions are suffering and it is only the beginning; millions more will suffer as God permits man to destroy himself. The Devil, as he looks over this strife-torn world, certainly has reason to be gleeful . He sees his plans working out beautifully, plans which he has furthered all down through the ages. He sees those who are his allies sitting in the places of high position wherever he looks. Everything is going his way. He is being permitted to have it so, by God, in punishment of man.

Is there anything that can save us? Yes. We must go back in all humility to God and ask Him to come back and take His place in that partnership from which He was evicted. We must go back to Him on our knees as a whole nation and ask His forgiveness. Then and only then, with God back as a partner where He started out with our Forefathers, can this nation and the world be saved.

* * * * * * * * * *

In all of man's plots and intrigues which have led up to the present great crisis in the world, the masses of people have been misled, fooled. They have been given anything but the truth; false pictures and propaganda have led them down the paths to destruction.

The Master Plan for world domination has been so diabolically conceived and perfected down through the ages, that its very existence is known only to a comparative few and those who do know it, many will not believe it because of its ruthlessness, because of its very diabolical nature, the very things that have been the reason for its success.

History books which should be based solely on historical facts have only been used as a means to further the false ideologies. Particularly is this true since World War II. From the period of World War II on, we have been in a historical blackout, and the books contain nothing of history, only propaganda. The term brainwash has been used in reference to the teaching of prisoners who have fallen into the hands of the enemy, but we as a nation have all been brainwashed.

Our Holy Mother, the Mother of Our Lord, has through Mary Ann Van Hoof given certain work and facts, the purpose of which I do not know. I do know that they change the entire picture of things as it has been given to the people. At times people have discovered that some of these things were true, and of the involvement of certain people in the huge plot of the Forces of Evil, and many of them have lost their lives as a result of their knowledge. Many have been forced to hold their tongues through threats of reprisal. Many have been discredited in the eyes of those to whom they wished to expose their knowledge, by means of smear campaigns and character assassination. Absolutely any means have been used from assassination on down to achieve their purposes and goals. There is no foul means they will not resort to, to achieve the end they desire, and that is absolute world control with all the common people as slaves to be used as they desire.

Demon holding the world in his hand.