Excerpts from My Work With Necedah...

Plotters For World Control

by Henry Swan—Volume 3, Chap.6

There are a number of groups of Internationalists who are at the present time working together in this great subversive plot for World Control. They are all working together, traveling together because they are all going to the same place, but like a gang of thieves who are starting out to rob a bank, each one has in mind that they will knock off the rest and take all of the swag. These groups are all under the control of one group, though they may not recognize the facts.

1. International Jewish Bankers; Leaders of the Zionist plot for world control, which is based on the basic world plot exposed in the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion; Talmudic Judaism to be world supreme—every Jew a king and every Gentile a slave. Economic control by the International Bankers over small countries has been a very simple operation. Force them to their knees financially and then help them to their feet again, but each time before you help them to their feet, make them grant some additional concessions, such as tying up their exports and imports, or some such agreement. In that manner they can be absolutely controlled economically. It is a truly beautiful set-up for the big Jew bankers.

2. British Nationalists, controlled by the International Jew Bankers, but made up also of Gentile stooges who picture themselves and England as the controlling force behind the World Government. This includes the “Kingfish” (Anthony Eden), Winston Churchill, the husband of the Queen and various others. There are as many minor stooges and political male prostitutes there as there are over here, who range from mere minor tools to those who have sold their souls completely to the Talmudic Jews.

3. Russian Nationals who are also controlled by the International Jew Bankers, but who picture themselves as the world leaders. The Gentiles there are also due to be eliminated when things are under control, and as soon as their usefulness ends. A great many of them have already met their Maker in purges.

4. United States Internationals who see themselves sitting in positions of great importance when the One World Government takes over. Gentile stooges will also be eliminated as soon as they have ended their usefulness to their Jew Masters.

5. It is necessary here also to mention one of the most important forces in this Country, and that is the Money Empire of the Rockefellers who also intend to rule the world. Their influence is tremendous, and they will in their turn also be destroyed by those with whom they are now cooperating. It has been said and is certainly true that our State Department has long been a subsidiary of the Rockefeller Empire. Our foreign policy has in the main been dictated by them for their own personal gain. Much legislation has been passed for them and a great many of our national officials owe their jobs to them, and consequently support any policies which they dictate for their own personal advantage. Millions and millions of dollars of taxpayers' money has been transferred to the coffers of the Rockefeller Empire by means of Lend Lease, Marshall Plan, etc. The land on which the United Nations Building stands in the city of New York was donated by the Rockefellers in order to be assured that the seat of World Government would be here where it would be easier and handier for them.

We have in every nation in the world today those who are plotting and promoting for this One World Government. There are many involved to a greater or lesser degree in this, and some are even misled to think they are doing what would be best for mankind. They are the foolish ones, however, who have done very little thinking, but are following the propaganda line. It has reached the point where any good American who wants to put America and the Constitution of our Country first is looked down upon, belittled, and if he is of enough importance, he is smeared by those One Worlders, Internationalists, World Federalists and all the various names under which they are recognized.

Like organized gangs that cooperate, however, there are many in this great scramble, this great plot, who see themselves, when all is under control, in places of great power, influence and wealth. However, most of them out of necessity will be eliminated in the struggle by others with the same idea. Those Evil Forces behind the whole plot will then be ready to step to the front and eliminate those whom they have been using as tools, or those good Christians who have recognized their evil plot. Many have and are being eliminated almost daily. They are done away with for many reasons: their usefulness is ended; they have seen through the plot and must be eliminated; they know too much to be allowed to live (dead men tell no tales); some are sacrificed to cover up for others, human sacrifices.

The picture as presented in history books has been in many, many instances false. Not history at all, but false statements made to lead people and nations down the path to destruction. The following example is a direct quote and revealed to Mary Ann in her suffering on March 11, 1955:

“They blamed the Czar, they blamed Hindenburg, but they didn't blame the right ones, the International Bankers.” How does this fit in with what is in the history books where the Czar was painted as the blackest of all tyrants, who was keeping his people in ignorance so that he could keep them under his tyrannical rule. The picture was very false, as the Czar was trying to do the best for his people possible. The Czar tried to do good. He would not cooperate with the International Hoodlums, particularly Great Britain, on the exploiting of other nations and peoples. The Czar was possessed of great wealth and many valuable jewels. He did make offer of some of his wealth to satisfy the greed of the International Bankers and the British, but they only laughed at him, knowing that when they had brought about his destruction, they would have his wealth anyway.

This worked out as planned, for they financed the Russian Revolution, and then confiscated all the wealth of the Royal Family. Some of the royal jewels are in London now in the possession of the International Bankers.

Perhaps the statement that the Czar was a good man gives a little wrong impression. It was most certainly not my idea to set him up as a saint. He had his shortcomings and did not deserve any recognition of that kind. He was however not as black as he was painted. He was not a religious man, but he did have scruples, many more than those with whom he was dealing. He did try to intercede and prevent some plots and intrigues, some of the exploitations and grabs of the International Bankers and their tools, the British.

One of the main reasons for the destruction of Russia was that Russia was in disagreement with Great Britain. The Czar and also Von Hindenburg of Germany, who was in agreement with the Czar, tried to prevent those things happening.

Von Hindenburg who has also been painted rather black was a good man. He was in agreement with the Czar and disagreed with Great Britain.

After the Revolution in Russia the plotters started to push out into Europe and started in grabbing also. They wanted to expand their economy and Rumanian oil was one of their targets. Those smaller countries were financially all in bad shape and politically in an uproar so were easy victims.

The sinking of the Lusitania by Germany was the act which caused war to be declared; that and screaming newspaper headlines to arouse the people to war fever. Americans had been warned to stay off the ship before it sailed as it was carrying contraband of war and the Germans were going to sink it. However, it was used as the incident to start the war.

Because of the influence of International Jew Bankers in our country we have again and again been dragged into war on the side of Great Britain. We were in 1917, when previous to the war the sympathies of the American public was more with Germany than with Great Britain. However, propaganda and lies can still mold public opinion .

Great Britain has been guilty of the greatest intrigue in the exploitation of nearly every nation on the face of the globe. They have been absolutely unscrupulous in all of their dealings and the sign of the double cross might very well be their national symbol. In fact, it is their symbol and flag. The Union Jack of Great Britain has as its main design two crosses—supposedly the cross of St. James and the cross of St. Andrew, but the Saints have long been forgotten while the symbol remains.

In making these facts known, Mary Ann has had to fight the devils every inch of the way. The Revelations given here are not in Mary Ann's own words but in mine because in order to confuse the devils she, in most cases, had to give them to me in riddle form to confuse the devils. Very early in this battle, we found out the devils cannot read minds, so we devised a system of riddles and double talk where she could convey to me what she wanted me to know what was being transmitted. However, she has checked over all this work and OK'd it as I have it written and it does convey that which she witnessed in vision in an accurate manner.

The same enemy, the same Evil Forces that were responsible for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ when He was here on earth, are still responsible for what is going on today. For the Crucifixion of the Church of Christ here on earth, for the destruction of the people for whom Christ came on earth. The same tools are used now as were used at that time. It was thirty pieces of silver which purchased Judas' betrayal of Our Lord, and it is money and power and the thirst for the same that is used today to purchase betrayals. The double cross instead of the Cross of Our Lord could well be the symbol of many nations and individuals.

Great Britain: Our Greatest Enemy

Great Britain today is our greatest enemy and has always been our greatest enemy among nations. Looked upon as an Ally, she is in position by means of the double cross to do us much harm, more than any of our other recognized enemies. This fact is known to some of the Judases in high positions in our Government, and in the hidden government behind our Government. Some of our patriotic leaders in this country have recognized this hidden force and have commented on it, but they have always been silenced in one way or another. General McArthur was one of them.

The International Jew Bankers control this hidden Government, both here and in Great Britain. The same money changers who brought about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ when He chased them out of the Temple.

The hidden government behind Great Britain, the hidden government behind the United States, the hidden government behind Russia are all one and the same. They control the smaller governments mainly by their control of money and commerce. Thus they are able to force all these smaller nations to do their will.

Many of our good men have been eliminated, although by means so natural in appearance as to arouse no suspicion. Murder has become a science very well developed with nothing crude or messy about it. Mostly it is an injection into a person, and then they are afflicted by cancer or have a heart attack, and the Nation mourns another great public spirited citizen who has finally succumbed to the strain of his duties in his great service to the people, and the leaders of the mourners, of those who extol the virtues of the “great” one who has passed on, are those who are responsible for his demise. Sometimes, when other means fail, accidents can also happen, and train crashes and plane crashes have occurred and taken many lives in order to remove one individual.

Inasmuch as our interests lie here in our own Country, we will try to start and carry on from here into foreign fields and tie them together. All of our martyred Presidents starting with Abraham Lincoln have been killed because in some way they stood in the way of the Great Plot. Abraham Lincoln was shot as was Garfield and McKinley. Those methods of disposal have since been discarded as being too crude and there is too much danger of detection. The present methods are much more effective in that they appear to be natural.

Here is a partial list of some whose demise was arranged:

1. Fiorella La Guardia—La Guardia had cancer which was discovered after he had been injected with a heart attack. Heart attacks can now be induced by means of injection. Even doctors cannot detect the fact that it was artificially induced, and it is a very handy and natural way to dispose of those who are undesirable obstacles, or who knew too much. La Guardia was a politician who had cooperated, but was stricken by conscience and became dangerous because of his knowledge.

2. Robert Taft —Senator from Ohio, was too honest in his opposition, could not be controlled. Cancer was injected into him and he did not last long. They can inject cancer as easily in humans as in monkeys.

3. Senator Pat McCarron — Injection

4 Frank Murphy — Supreme Court Justice — Injection

5 Senator Vandenberg of Michigan — Medicine tampered with.

6 Will Rogers and

7 Wiley Post — Killed in plane accident in Alaska. Plane had been tampered with, the mechanic who had been bribed to tamper with the plane was also killed in a car accident. The trip they were on was to verify some knowledge which Will Rogers had. It was to check on a huge arsenal which is maintained in ice caverns in Northern Siberia. This has also been mentioned other places in the Revelations and has been in existence since World War I.

8. Ernie Pyle— Foreign Correspondent, was shot and not accidentally during World War II. He had stumbled on information which was responsible for his death.

9. Floyd Gibbons — Another correspondent was killed for the same reason.

10. Woodrow Wilson— Was worried to death. He had cooperated but when he found out where the Plot was heading to, it broke his heart and his health.

11.Wendell Wilkie— Died of heart injection

12. President McKinley— Shot

13. Huey Long — Senator from Louisiana was shot.Was against Klu Klux Klan

14. Cermak — Mayor of Chicago — Shot

15. A woman — was secretary to Dr. Phil Jessup — Discovered evidence of Plot. Was killed in a car accident in 1952.

16. Warren Harding — President of the United States. Died of poison administered in his food.

These are just a few who were of national fame. Thousands of persons of lesser importance have also been eliminated by foul means. Many have been, even in the land of the free, been imprisoned on false charges and still worse languish in institutions where they have been declared insane. Those things have all happened here in the United States of America.

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