Excerpts from My Work With Necedah...

Satan's Own Chain of Command

by Henry Swan —From Volume 4, Chapter 24

Introduction by the Editor

It may come as a surprise to many Bayside believers that we would be publishing excerpts from the Revelations of the Blessed Virgin Mary given to Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah, Wisconsin. First of all, and most importantly, we feel that Bayside believers cannot really undertand the Bayside messages without this background information given in the Necedah revelations. We believe the latter revelations to be authentic until 1975. In that year the seer, Mary ann Van Hoof, was tricked into accepting the leadership of a schismatic group, and thus separated herself from her local Bishop. In spite of this serious lapse in judgment, her messages before that time remain fully valid and worthy of our belief.

As further proof of the authenticity of Necedah, we have noticed that both apparitions use the same terminology to describe the plot of the Forces of Evil. The terms “Synagogue of Satan,” “Octopus of Evil,” “Grand Masters,” “Illuminati,” “Money Changers,” etc. are used by both as the agents behind the scenes controlling all the governments of the world. However, Necedah goes far beyond Bayside in supplying the details of the conspiracy of evil, including naming a lot of the sinister figures working to create a One World Government under the UN.

Bayside believers have not read their messages carefully, as they continue to believe what the mass media (which Our Lady at Bayside said are totally controlled by the One Worlders) are saying about who is responsible for the 911 World Trade Center disaster. There is no credible evidence that Osama Bin Laden had anything to do with the terror attack on September 11th, but rather every points that, at the very minimum, the US Government was complicit in this plot.

We ourselves believe the September 11, 2001 murderous, cold-blooded attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon was planned, plotted and executed by various Intelligence agencies within the US government as a covert operation against the American people in order to subjugate the population to a complete state of servitude (see the articleThe World Trade Center Demolition and the So-Called War on Terrorism for details on the mass deception foisted on the American people by American government officials).

If you believe what the US news media are spinning, then you are very gullible indeed. These terrorist incidents are part of a Hegelian dialectic (thesis—create the problem: terrorism, i.e. the WTC and Pentagon attacks; antithesis —scare the hell out of people so they demand of the government protection; synthesis— offer the solution: a security state—Homeland Security (welcome to the American Gestapo!): it strips the citizens of their basic rights guaranteed under the Constitution, thus your freedom is destroyed) aimed at ushering in a one world government.

The US government is behind the 9-11 attacks in order to enslave us! With the passage of the so-called “Patriot” Act (what a joke! What a fine example of Orwellian doublespeak!) by Congress without so much as their reading it (this the testimony of Congressman Ron Paul), the Bushwhacker government has now in place a virtual dictatorship. All they have to do is to label you a terrorist, and they can throw you in jail without a trial, without your being able to see a lawyer and without the public even knowing the names of those detained. As Bush said in an aside to his aides at his inauguration, things would be so much easier if a dictatorship were in place, as long as he was the dictator.

Our Lady told us in Her September 13, 1975 Bayside message that David Rockefeller controls the United States. She states that he is using his money and power to unite the world under the rule of a despot. He runs two organizations which are working towards this goal: The Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Their members have occupied almost every position of power and policy in every administration since the days of Franklin D.Roosevelt. Our Lady Herself calls it a world conspiracy that has been many years in the making. The main driving force appears to be (through Necedah, we learn that world Zionism is behind all the other fronts) the Illuminati, a super secret society who worship Lucifer or Satan as their god, and who control all secret societies under the banner of freemasonry. The single most powerful arm of the Illuminati are the International Bankers who own the so-called national central banks such as the Federal Reserve, which is no more federal than the Federal Express Company. Whoever controls the money and credit of a country controls the country itself.

The Bayside believers were informed in the messages that Rockefeller secretly rules the United States, so it doesn't matter which presidential candidate gets elected as they are all his puppets, and that includes George W. Bush. Yet Baysiders continue to believe that Bush is a Christian (as he hypocritically claims), when in fact he was intiated into the Skull and Bones Society, a Secret Society at Yale University, which is part of the devil-worshipping Illuminati group mentioned by Our Lady at Bayside.

Let us now read what Necedah has to say on the subject.

In the many books and articles written exposing the activities of Satan's Forces, many terms and names have been used, all referring to the same thing. This has no doubt created confusion in the minds of various people. In fact, some people have written whole books referring to a certain particular group as being responsible for the whole world situation when in fact they were only a part of the group, a subsidiary so to speak.

In my own poor way I am going to try to trace for you the chain of command of the Forces of Satan, and hope I can clarify in your mind to a degree any confusion you may have had. If you have been confused in mind, it is because this huge, many-armed monstrous creation of Satan was designed by him with all of his cunning and wile for just that purpose. A good magician can stand in front of an audience and pull some very amazing tricks that defy detection. He has but two hands to watch. The monstrous, many handed creation of Satan can then most certainly practice legerdemain that would defy detection and create great confusion. Sometimes to add to the further confusion, the various arms of the same monster are made to appear to be fighting each other, but should any force try to step between and prevent the fight, he would be apt to find himself in the clutches of all of them.

1 - Satan himself is the Supreme Head of all the Evil Forces. He is the schemer, conniver, liar and planner. It is he who would control or destroy the world. It is he as the enemy of God and of Jesus Christ who would destroy the Christian Religion, destroy the Christians. He is the Serpent whose head Our Lady will eventually crush with Her Heel.

2 - The Supreme Grand Master of the World, the Head of Zionism, the mention of whose name is and always has been punishable by death. The first Supreme Grand Master of the World Zionism was King Solomon who reigned over 900 years before the time of Christ. Since the time of Solomon, there has always been a Supreme Grand Master of the so-called Learned Elders of Zion in constant succession,

3 - Under the Supreme Grand Master are the other Grand Masters, one in each major country of the world and others who may be over a section comprising several minor countries. All are under the absolute rule of the Supreme Grand Master, subject to the pain of death for disobedience.

4 - Under these Grand Masters are the Learned Elders of Zion, comprising in number 300 (400 now) each of whom is known to the rest of the body, but who are not known generally even to the Jews or the Yids, their own people and over whom they maintain absolute control, absolute power of life and death.

Among the three hundred are the leaders in each field of endeavor.

1— The Money Changers, the International Bankers who control the world finances, who control the Gold, who maintain an absolute stranglehold on the finances of every nation, including our own. They can make business prosperity, they can make depression and create panic with all of its associated horrors and human sufferings. They can create war, revolution, bloodshed and horror of all kinds. They can build up nations, they can tear them down, and destroy them according to their own whims. They have. They comprise the most powerful single arm of that huge Satanic Monster.

2 — The huge industrialists of the world comprise another of the arms of the Monster. They control the materials of the world. They manufacture the weapons of destruction, the arms, the ammunition, the supplies. They manufacture and control the means of distribution and communication, airlines, ships, railroads, cars and trucks, radio, telephone, telegraph, television, newspapers, publishing houses. They control the advertising by means of which they can enforce their demands for endorsement of their policies.

3 - Also among their number are the greatest doctors, lawyers, politicians of their race. Through them and their influence and backed up in cooperation by the other arms, they have maintained a stranglehold on many professions, such as medicine and the associated business that controls the products of medical research, all drugs and medicines.



4 - Among the 300, also sit some of the religious leaders of the Judaists, the Rabbis. They utilize their positions as religious leaders to exert pressure and influence upon the body of the Jews, to direct the thinking of the common Jew to conform to the wishes of the leaders of the Zionists. Their power and their influence over their people is, as would be expected, very great.

Through the power and influence of these leaders of Zionism, Jews and their Agents have invaded every field of endeavor, and been raised to positions of power and responsibility, positions of great influence in every field.

This is true in our country, the United States of America. It is just as true in every other nation of consequence in the world.

Under the absolute control of the previously mentioned Hierarchy of Satan and serving also as arms of that most powerful Monster of the Devil, are the following groups of organizations, societies and fronts:

1 — Communism. Communism is but one of the arms of the Monster. It is but an appendage, subject to the head, nurtured by the body. It serves as a front behind which the head can operate without detection. It was created by the head of the monster to serve that purpose.

For those who think Atheistic Communism is our main enemy, let me remind them that though its complete destruction would be painful to the Monster, as would the loss of one of your arms, it would not be fatal. Many of those who are of the body of the Monster, and even those of the head, add greatly to the confusion of many by professing to be active enemies of and strong fighters against their own creation. Call it shadow boxing or whatever you will, but no one gets hurt, and when all the fighting is over and the fighters retire from view, they fall into each others' arms, and laugh with glee at the way the people have been fooled.

Communism belongs to the Zionists. They own it, they control it, they support it, they use it for their own purpose. It is their tool, their arm. It has served them very well, and for that they love it. They love it, but at the same time would like to make it out to be a bastard by denying it paternity. The relationship, however, and the family resemblance is too great for their denial to be effective. Too many Communists are Jews and too many of the Jews Communists. Yes, Communism is our enemy. There is no doubt about that, but those who think that Communism is our main enemy are fighting the horse and not the rider.

2 — Freemasonry. Another very powerful arm of Satan' s Monster is Freemasonry. It is by means of the Secret Societies and Associated Orders of Freemasonry that much of Satan's Work has been accomplished. The Masons claim that the origin of their organization dates back 900 years before the time of Christ. That very well fits the picture, for it certainly ties the origin of Masonry to those who did originate it. It originated with Zionism. How else might I ask could its history have been traced back, for history other than that of the Bible was very scanty previous to about 500 years before Christ? Certainly nothing could have been traced through it. The signs and symbols used in Masonry are all Jewish.

Through Masonry, many Gentiles have been forced or enticed to do the destruction of the Monster. Many who have professed themselves as Christians have done the work of the devil, and have aided and abetted those who were trying to destroy that in which they profess to believe—Christianity.

Particularly from the middle of the 18th Century on, the members of Satan's Synagogue organized and promoted the organization of Masonic Societies, and then maintained control and directed their activities. These activities were directed largely against Christianity, and particularly the Catholic Church.

"The Grand Master, I shouldn't speak of him, but you know who I mean, is in the United States right now, Hank. Something big is up with the Yids. I don't mean the little Masters. I mean the Grand Master, the one whose name I don't speak. He's in the United States. They are going to have a consultation at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, Hank. There's going to be a big banquet there tonight, Hank, at 6 o'clock Eastern Standard time. The Grand Master is here along with the Masters of many other countries. How can they get in and out so easy, Hank? Our people are asleep. They don't wake up. Abba Ebban is going to be among them. What's going on is terrible, but people still won't believe it. Their theme song is still, it can't happen here.


One of the terms often used and one that was used often by Alexander in his work was Nihilist.

The dictionary definition:

In politics, (a) the doctrine that all sociaI, political and economic institutions must be completely destroyed in order to make way for new institutions.

(b) A movement in Russia (1860-1917) which advocated such revolutionary reform and attempted through the use of some terrorism and assassination to achieve it.

A Nihilist is an advocate of any form of philosophical nihilism.

Certainly all of Satan's Forces subscribe to the policy of nihilism and apply its principles wherever it is possible. The term if not strictly synonymous is most certainly descriptive of the activities of the Serpent.

Another organization on which some writers have blamed the whole world situation is the Illuminati. The Illuminati of which those writers speak is by dictionary definition:

The members of an anticlerical deistic, republican society founded in 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, professor of Law at Ingolstadt in Bavaria. It was suppressed by the Bavarian government in 1785.

Here again we have an organization, which as a secret order of Masonry was formed by one of Satan's minions to promote for the destruction of Christianity. Adam Weishaupt served as the right hand man, the first lieutenant of old Amschel Mayer, the paternal founder of the Rothschilds family and fortunes.

There is no question that the Order of the Illuminati has contributed much to world chaos, revolution and disorder, but to pick them as those solely responsible is as foolish as to give Number One billing to Communism. They are but members of another organization or front behind which the real Serpent can hide.

All of this work has put the finger on those that are guilty. Because those Forces of Satan are made up primarily of Jews, we must avoid judging all Jews as being guilty. It would be very unChristian to do so.

A friend of mine who had gotten hold of some literature which exposed the activities of the big subversive Jews in the great World Plot, came to me in a troubled frame of mind. " I cannot believe, he said "that the Jews are responsible for these world conditions, for the plot to destroy us Christians. 'Why, some of my best friends are Jews. I have a neighbor who is a Jew, and who is the first one I would go to if I were in trouble. In fact, he has proven that he would help me out when some of my Christian friends turned me down cold. What should I do about him?

Perhaps the answer I gave to him may also answer some questions in your minds.

Continue to love him as you do, for he has proven himself more worthy of that love than have others. Certainly because there are Jew criminals does not mean that all Jews are criminals. If that were so, then all races of people would have to be condemned, for there are criminals in all races.

Remember he is no more responsible for what is being done by the subversive Jew leaders than you are responsible for what is being done by the State Department of the United States. Many Jews are good, patriotic American citizens. Many have given their lives in defense of our Country. They will be destroyed by the action of their leaders as surely as any of the rest of us will. Many of them have already been destroyed by those same leaders to satisfy their thirst for power, their greed. Many more will be destroyed by those same Evil Forces unless the Jews repudiate and refuse to follow that leadership. They are not criminals because they are Jews. They are criminals because they are evil, because they have thrown in with Satan and are following his dictates.

There are many Jews who have thrown off the yoke of that leadership. Those Jews who have thrown off that yoke have been subjected to more vicious persecution and destruction by that leadership than have any Gentiles. The main body of the Jews will all face that destruction and share in the punishment of their criminal leaders unless they themselves destroy that evil leadership. If they do not destroy that evil leadership, that evil leadership will destroy them.

George W. Bush giving the devil's horns salute.“The 'Horned Hand' is the sign of recognition between those who are in the occult. . .” (Satanism in America, p.42)
This symbol also represents the Horned God of the Witches.
George W. Bush again giving the devil's “horned hand” salute on the Presidential Campaign trail.