Excerpts from My Work With Necedah...

The Serpent of Evil

by Henry Swan—Volume 3, Chap.1 & 2

The Serpent is the symbolic snake of Judaism. It has been mentioned in the revelations on several occasions.

March 9, 1952: Just the words were mentioned, “Serpent of Evil.”

March 21, 1952: “Clean out the Serpent, it is crawling right through the center of your Country—Evilness, and when he will strike, he will strike like a volcano in the center of your Country. STOP IT! Pray! Pray and pray much.”

April 3, 1953: “Pray for your President, the prayers for him are already falling off, when they should be increasing. Do not let the Evil One guide him, instead of your prayers.”

“The Serpent is coiled in your Country, ready to strike, unless you pray, pray much.”

January 19, 1955: “Our Lady warned us in 1951 that the Serpent is coiled in our Country, ready to strike. He's ready to strike now; he sinks his poisoned fangs in many of our people. There will be many poisoned minds.”

“They will strike at our most important cities first, the industrial centers. They have succeeded in ousting our Senator [Joseph McCarthy] out of his work, they tied his hands. The Serpent blinded many of their eyes during the investigation.”

The above quotations were all taken from the Revelations given on the Fridays of Lent.

As early as 929 B.C., according to the records of Secret Jewish Zionism, Solomon and other Jewish learned men thought out a scheme in theory for the powerful conquest of the whole universe by Zion. As history developed, the scheme was worked out in detail. These learned men decided by peaceful means to conquer the world for Zion, with the slyness of the symbolic Snake. The head of the Snake was to represent those who had been iniated into the plan, the body represented the Jewish people. The secret was always kept from the Jewish people. This snake has penetrated, devoured and destroyed nations all through history. It has been done largely by infiltration and economic control.

Many small nations have been subdued entirely by economic conquest. The plot calls for bringing about moral corruption and degeneration by any and all means, including the sacrificing of many of their own people.

A map of the course of the Symbolic Snake is shown as follows: Its first stage in Europe was in 429 BC in Greece where, about the time of Pericles, the snake started eating into the power of that country. Rome was next in the time of Augustus in 69 BC. The third was in Madrid in the time of Charles V in 1552 AD. Paris and France succumbed to it about 1790 in the time of Louis XVI. Great Britain was next in l814. Germany was taken over after the Franco-Prussian War, 1871.

The head of the Snake appeared over St. Petersburg in 1881. England and Germany were to be spared economically until the conquest of Russia was complete.

The plan of the Serpent which is contained in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a copy of which I have, was copyrighted, or rather translated from the Russian in 1905.

How well their plans have succeeded from that date to the present is easily seen. Russia succumbed during the Revolution of 1917, and is now completely under the control of the Jews, and Communism is the tool of the Jews by which their false policies and ideologies have been spread. It is not necessary to say to what degree they have been successful because your daily papers are full of the story, if you read anything but the sports and the funnies.

The statement about sports and funnies was intentional because it is part of the plan that people shall become so interested in those things, that their attention is diverted away from the real issues. It is much easier to take over a people who are so occupied with inconsequential things that they haven't any time even to notice that their freedoms are being destroyed, and they are becoming the slaves of their own controlled Government.

Everything given in Revelations in the past six months and more indicates a tremendous step up in the activities of the Serpent and those who are the servants of the Serpent, and still our American people sleep on, seemingly unable to recognize anything wrong or unnatural. Have we lost our power of reason as a Nation? What is the answer?

Many times in the Revelations, it has been given accidents that aren't accidents, the latest time being March 24, 1956 when this statement was given: “There will be some more accidents that won't be accidents.”

Pick up your newspaper and read. In nearly every one you will find another plane crashed, with anywhere from three or four to sixty passengers wiped out. We all know that there will occasionally be a crash from natural causes, but there is hardly a major airline that has not had major crashes with great loss of life. Look back over the crash records of these same airlines over a period of years, years when they were flying equipment that was very inferior in all respects to what they are now flying, yet they had not the percentage of accidents as today.

Does this not arouse in your mind any suspicion that things are not just right: that sabotage must be involved? The papers do not play up these wrecks. An investigation is held, and then it is forgotten.

Admittedly it is very hard to examine the rubble that is left after an airplane crashes and tell everything that happened. I have had an opportunity to listen in when the FAA was investigating small plane crashes, and they are just guessing contests if the passengers were killed and can't talk.

These plane crashes, train wrecks, cargo ships and tankers burning, great fires and explosions, such as the one recently in Philadelphia, could not all happen just from natural causes. How long will it be before realization strikes?

Train wrecks, plane crashes, fires, explosions, labor trouble, racial troubles, riots, juvenile troubles, youth gangs, crime, murder, robbery -- all the work of the Serpent's promotion for the destruction of our Country, so that, weakened, we will fall into the hands of the Serpent as Lenin said: “Like a ripe fruit without resistance.”

I know as sure as I sit here and write that the big cry will go up and the big smear against this book will start as soon as some of the big Zionists get their hands on it. The agonized cry of anti-Semitism will surely go forth, but let it be known here and now that for the Jews that are being victimized by their leaders I have nothing but sympathy. I do not want to see any persecution of innocent people. They have been victimized down through the centuries and all through no fault of their own. The average Jew is no more guilty of the policies of their so-called Learned Elders than are you and I of the policies of our State Department, policies which are also aimed at our destruction. This statement in the Protocols in itself absolves the Jewish people of guilt. “The head of the snake was to represent those who had been initiated into the plan, the body represented the Jewish people....The secret has always been kept from the Jewish people.”
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