The World Government of Antichrist...

The UN Unmasked!

Our Lady and Our Lord have been warning the world for years and years about the emerging one world government being conjured up from the smoky, sulfurous pits of hell by the occult forces, under the godless harlot Babylon whose name is the United Nations.

The role and purpose of the UN will be made clear to you as we go through a bit of its history.

The chief architect of this monstrosity, with the blessing of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, and later Harry Truman, was the CFR member and later convicted communist spy Alger Hiss. This modern day Benedict Arnold presented its founding document, the charter, to some fifty representatives of various nations gathered in San Francisco in 1945, who promptly signed it and then passed it on to the US Senate, who treasonously gave it blanket approval without so much as reading it. Now the awful reality is that the UN constitution is almost a word for word duplicate of the Soviet constitution!

The American public has been duped into accepting the UN as the savior, “the last best hope for mankind” because of its lamb-like visage to the world (“peacekeeping” missions) while they treacherously busy themselves with the dismantling of all national sovereignties in order to engulf and enslave the world in a one world communist dictatorship. Notice they are beginning to speak like a dragon when they change the description of their mission in Bosnia from peacekeeping to peace-enforcing.

As part of a secret agreement between Alger Hiss and Molotov, Stalin's foreign minister, a Russian general would always be the head of the military secretariat and thus the real master at the UN. The first UN secretary- general Trigve Lee confirmed this in his book For the Cause of Peace.

During the Korean War, Russian General Vasiliev, head of the UN military secretariat, was allowed to absent himself from his UN post to assume command of the North Korean and Red Chinese forces who were fighting against the so-called UN troops under American General MacArthur. For his efforts to try to win that war, MacArthur was fired by 33rd degree Freemason Harry S. Truman who, as Roosevelt, was a willing stooge of the one-worlders.

(Although the number of organizations working to build a global tyranny under the UN is myriad in number, like so many tentacles of an octopus, the main driving force appears to be the Illuminati, a super secret society who worship Lucifer or Satan as their god*, and who control all secret societies under the banner of freemasonry. The single most powerful arm of the Illuminati are the International Bankers who own the so-called national central banks such as the Federal Reserve, which is no more federal than the Federal Express Company. The Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, the Warburgs and others, own the bulk of its stock. These people have set up and run the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank which control the currencies and economies of all the world's governments.

The Illuminati operates in this country through the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission, which are controlled by the Rockefeller family. The members of these two organizations have occupied almost every position of power and policy in every administration since Roosevelt. Their members own and dictate policy for NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, Business Week and other publications ad infinitum. They dominate the academic world, the top corporations, the labor unions, the military, and just about every major institution of American society.

To give you an idea of the power this clique wields, let me name a few of its prominent members: President Bill Clinton is a proud member of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers, the European branch of the Illuminati. Both Bob Dole and Newt Gingrich are CFR; so are General Colin Powell, George Bush, the late Richard Nixon, etc...So no matter who you vote for, you are electing people from the ruling elite, beholden to this same occult oligarchy.

Every American President since Wilson has been a willing or reluctant puppet of these forces. For example, President Kennedy elaborated in a speech on September 25, 1961, a plan for the general and complete disarmament of the United States, which was subsequently followed by State Department Document 7277, a three-stage plan by which all offensive weapons and atomic missiles would be handed over to the United Nations, and all defensive weapons and missiles would be abandoned. So complete is the planned disarming of the US that the document contains provisions for even house to house searches in order to confiscate the private arms of citizens. At the end of the second stage, the UN world army will be fully operational, with the US policed by foreign troops!

The planned scenario to usher in this New World Order calls for the President to declare a state of national emergency—and the probable officially stated reason will be to round up hundreds of thousands of undocumented Central American aliens, or a similar planned crisis (update: President George W. Bush declared just such a state of emergency on September 14, 2001, following the World Trade Center Attack three days earlier on 9-11-01)—as a pretext to arrest and detain approximately one million citizens whose names are already on computer lists as possible resisters to the UN (Communist) takeover of the United States. With a single telephone call, the President is authorized to suspend the Bill of Rights and set in motion “Operation Dragnet” under Title 11 of the McCarran Act (this fortunately has not yet been done!).

The mass arrestees will be picked up by a major national task force of federal intelligence and law-enforcement agencies—including the FBI, the CIA, US Marshals, INS, Customs, Coast Guard, National Guard, combined with local and state police and locked up in 17 prison camps (concentration camps). These “detention centers” are strategically situated across the country from Elmondorf, Alaska, to Avon Lake, Florida.

The recent expansion of UN military activities in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia serves the purpose of the creation of a super world army under which US personnel will have to take orders from UN commanders. Incidentally, NATO is a regional army, an intermediate step toward the world army, set up under the auspices of the United Nations Charter, so regardless of the color and insignia of the helmet, it is still the UN.

Any American soldier who agrees to serve under UN command in any capacity is violating his oath to support and defend the Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Specialist Michael New, a US army medic, is presently appealing before the courts, an army court martial for refusing to don the UN regalia while serving “peacekeeping“ duties in Macedonia. Michael's moral integrity and principled action may just be the catalyst necessary to wake up this slumbering giant, the American public, which is being led as sheep to the slaughter through the unilateral capitulation and complete disarmament of the United States. God have mercy on the President and the Congress for their treasonous acts! A grand jury will have to be convened one day to try these traitors who presently fail to discharge their sacred oath to uphold and defend the Constitution.

Let us put an end to this UN plan for global tyranny by withdrawing our membership—no New York headquarters, no more blue-helmeted foreign military excursions, no US funding and no UN interference in US policy.

* Membership in the CFR does not mean that they are necessarily devil worshipers. Some join simply for prestige reasons, or to further their careers. Some are invited in to give respectability to the organization.