The Virgin Mary Seeks

. . . a Few Good Men!

She Is Calling...Yes You!

In response to Our Lady's request to re-publish all the back messages starting as far back as 1968, I have decided to launch and expand Roses From Heaven to an organization equipped with a full-time staff of volunteers, starting immediately. Our Lady said on December 29, 1973, that She had a plan to save the United States from being destroyed as a nation. What better way to help Our Lady save the U.S.A than to publish Her plan as laid out in all Her past messages.

I pray for the guidance of Our Lady of the Roses and the Infant Jesus in this new Mission, and I beg Them to send new apostles to assist in this great undertaking. I pray to St. Joseph for his most powerful protection and help in all the material aspects of the mission; to St. Michael the Archangel, St. Theresa, Louis Even, Padre Pio, St. Francis of Assisi, Veronica Lueken and all our dearly departed fellow believers in Bayside, and all the Angels and Saints of Heaven to inspire us in its establishment.

For the time being, all full-time staff of laymen would have to pool their resources in order to rent a suitable house which would serve both as workplace and living quarters. We would temporarily all have to hold jobs until such time as donations and revenue from subscriptions would generate enough income to support the group and finance its operations.

The Bayside Schism will not end until the Teacher is recognized!

The Teacher is Frank!

Frank Albas, aged 54, is presently the webmaster and owner of “Roses From Heaven,” one of the main web sites on the Apparitions of the Virgin Mary to Veronica Lueken. He is the founder of the full-time staff and the center of the Shrine of Our Lady of the Roses in New York, and he was the Director of the organization from 1977 to 1989.

He now lives in Miami Beach, where he moved in 1991. He plans to start a new apostolate with full-time volunteers along the patterns of the center in New York, but this time here in Miami. Our Lord, during His June 18, 1988 message, singled out Frank as being the Teacher at Bayside, the one is the leader and authority on the Apparitions at Bayside.

Of course, the major goal, after that of disseminating the Message of Heaven for the greater glory of God and the salvation of souls, is the personal sanctification of each member. To accomplish that a solid prayer life is required: daily Mass, three rosaries said in common as a group, in addition to all the personal prayers and private devotions one wishes to practice during leisure hours. With time, a more detailed rule of life can be worked out together as a group, that would truly foster freedom, personal growth in holiness within the limitations imposed by the discipline of a communal life.

Also, all those who would like to become members and help the mission during their free time, from their own local area, we invite you to join us in this great work for Heaven.

All those wishing to financially support this apostolate may send your donations to us by credit or debit card through You do not even have to be a member. You may get in touch with us immediately by email, by telephone (305-864-1683), or by writing to: Frank Albas, 320 83rd St, Apt.5, Miami Beach, FL 33141.

Finally, to each individual visitor of this site: I wish to initiate a dialogue with you. Tell me about yourself and whether you believe in the Bayside messages. Did you take the time to read some of the three hundred or so messages from 1970 to 1994 that are featured on this site? Tell me, if you did, what do you make of them? Do you wish to get involved in promoting them? I am looking for generous souls who would to do something great for Our Lady's work at Bayside. Can I count on you?

Let me also know where you're from, and also whether you're knowledgeable in computers and the internet. I'm very interested to know more about you. As I stated in the home page of the website: This apostolate has no other goal than working for the glory of GOD and the salvation of souls. We encourage those who wish to dedicate themselves full-time, or participate part-time in this mission to contact us immediately by email, phone (305-864-1683), or in writing.

Yours in Jesus, Mary, Joseph & Theresa,

Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven

The Statue of Our Lady of the Roses
“You will tell Our dear child, Frank, that Louis Even blesses him with his presence.”

— The Virgin Mary at Bayside November 1st 1975.

Many generous donors needed!

There are so many back messages to be published. In order to get to them immediately, we need to encourage the workers to come. If their material needs are met by the generous donations of caring souls, this will be a tremendous incentive for them to rush forward and give of themselves unhesitatingly and unreservedly. There are still so many souls to be reached! Remember: our Mission continues until the Second Coming of Christ!

You can now send your donations to us by credit or debit card through You do not even have to be a member. Once you access the completely secure site, just click on the send money tab, and send it to We are a registered member.

If you prefer to contact us and send a check immediately by regular mail (for an interim period until we are better organized) make it out to Frank Albas, and mail it to 320 83rd St, Apt. 5, Miami Beach, FL 33141. Those who donate any amount whatsoever will have free access to all the video and slide show presentations on our web site. That's a promise!

Print and Make Copies of This Article, and Send to all Your Friends & Acquaintances!