Resolving the Leadership Crisis at Bayside

Letter written by Frank Albas

Frank—When Satan enters into a group (see the June 18 1988 message), you will certainly know and feel it, as it will send cold chills up and down your spine. The decibels of tension and anger will reach nightmarish peaks. The bad fruits will be there for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.

I first sensed it when a certain individual would come to the office in a belligerent mood and rage worthy of the fiercest beast in the jungle. It came to me again when the worker who took care of the books and secretarial tasks told me one day: “What have you done to Mr. X? He seems to hate you with a passion!”

In my humble opinion, Mr. X was not, and is not spiritually oriented, and that is a major moral flaw. Not seeing things in a spiritual light blinds you to real self-knowledge, and prevents you from seeing what forces move you to act the way you do. I cannot pretend to truly understand, explain or impugn his motives, but Mr. X began at one point to seek to discredit me in the eyes of Veronica almost all of his daylight hours. He actually started spreading a rumor in

California that two hundred thousand dollars was missing from the Shrine accounts as far as the bookkeeping ledgers were concerned, and that I had embezzled these funds in collusion with David Martin in California. He would pummel Veronica into high crescendos of anger against me, and she would vent this anger over the telephone line to me. He could not stand that I



Photo of the 'Teacher' Frank Albas
Frank Albas, called by Jesus “the Teacher”

be called Director, and he sought by every means to reduce my status to just one of the
workers. He would call me on the phone at all


hours of the night (two to three times the same night between three and four-thirty AM) screaming and using the most coarse and abusive language, complaining that he wasn't being kept abreast of things concerning the Mission.

What he actually was trying to effect was my complete subservience to his command and authority. This was not the way things were set up from the beginning.

I had personally founded the organization in general, and I was answerable directly to Veronica alone. In fact, a monthly budget was given to me by Veronica to administer the Shrine spending. Mr. X pressured Veronica to give him control over the whole budget (which she acquiesced to), and from then onward, he was able to control everything, even the workers' loyalties. The coup d'etat was then complete. With control of the purse strings, the transfer of power and allegiance was a fait accompli.

I could go on and on about the daily whittling away of my authority by Mr. X's takeover of every decision-making power that I possessed. I felt just like Pope Paul VI in the Vatican—a complete prisoner of a power-mad usurper and despot, who dismissed and discharged anyone at the office at his slightest whim...and, believe me, several heads did roll before mine.