History of the Bayside Apparitions Part 2

to the prayer Vigils, the location of the Vigils was changed. Veronica was instructed by Our Lady to accept an offer she had received from the Police Chief to use the Vatican Pavilion at the old World's Fair Grounds in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park. This is the site where

The pilgrims gathered at the Apparition site. Michelangelo's work of art—the "Pieta", was


Paul VI blessed the Vatican Pavilion
exhibited during the 1965 World's Fair, and where Pope Paul VI, during his visit to New York on Oct. 4, 1965, stopped for a visit and gave a blessing. Veronica was told that this site would only be temporary, and that they would eventually be allowed to return to the original site.



Evil within the Vatican

The Messages reveal the general state of evil in the world, the state of corruption within the Catholic Church, the evil within the Vatican itself, and the necessity of worldwide atonement to the Eternal Father to avoid chastisements, which, if not mitigated by universal penance and return to God and His Divine Laws, will be


terrible beyond comprehension. They warn that a worldwide Warning, Miracle, and fiery

The little village of Garabandal, site of the Great Miracle.
Chastisement in the form of a "Ball of Redemption"—a comet which will strike the earth, and along with World War III and other disasters. will remove three-quarters of mankind—are very near at hand.