Church Status of the Bayside Apparitions Part 1

Veronica forewarned about clergy
The Blessed Virgin Mary forewarned Veronica from the beginning of the negative judgment of the clergy: “You will not receive a kind ear from the clergy, for man can be wise but stupid. Man had grown soft in the luxuries of his worldly life. Man no longer seeks the revelation in the Bible ...The Man of Perdition (Satan in the body of a man) has spread his folly wide. The light has not passed through the Papal Village. He has kept it in darkness....Do not expect this message to be received well, for hearts are hardened and eyes are blinded” (February 1, 1971).

When people claim that Bayside has been condemned, they are speaking out of ignorance. A Bishop does not have the power to condemn; he can only approve or disapprove an Apparition. Only the Pope can do so, and he has said nothing for or against Bayside thus far.

Our Lady has said not to pay attention to human opinion. Her own will know Her!

Concerning the tricky question of true and false obedience, when the local clergy tried


to stop the Vigils on the Grounds at the November 1, 1973 Vigil, Veronica gave the following explanation why the vigils were held and must continue to be held:

Veronica--"I've been speaking here with Our Lady in my heart. Our Lady says, should we


Our Lady miraculously appears over a church roof in this photo. She has promised to appear over the St. Robert Bellarmine Church for all to see, as a sign to the bishop.

"Therefore, the prayers will continue for those who have the strength to stand up and be counted. It is too late now to be judged by personal opinion. It is too late now to accede to the masters who wish to destroy the souls and render them to Satan. Therefore, you do not have to follow the road to hell. Cast off those, Our Lady said, (and consult your Bible), for in


The Bishop of Brooklyn will be given a unquestionable sign from God.

—The Virgin Mary, May 18, 1975

have been approached in truth and justice, then I would have been subjugated to obedience. But since I was approached by an agent of satan, I do not have to follow him.