The Controlled News Media

The Media Whores

Do not believe a word that any of the US mainstream media outlets puts out: it is all part of a psyops operation. It is all part of a master con game to fool you, the gullible and brainwashed public, into believing exactly what your Zionist masters want you to believe. It is all fake news. Fake terror explanations (9-11 WTC), fake terrorists (Osama Bin Bush), fake terror threats (issued by Al CIAda), fake enemies (Iraq), fake reasons for wars, fake captures, fake execution, i.e impostor Saddam Hussein(at left); the real Saddam at right. George Orwell is really proud of you!
The fake Saddam

The Mass Media Deception!

America and the world are being duped by the One Worlders who control most of the world's mass media.  What is presented as news is not really news but rather a fantasy version of what is unfolding before your very eyes!  They are showing what they want you to believe is the news!


"The medias of the world are controlled now. You will know nothing of the actual factual truth. You will be given only what those in command wish you to know." --May 23, 1979





As someone put it very succinctly, there is no better slave than he who thinks he is free, when actually he is a victim of mind control. Here is another quote from Bayside:

"My Mother did well to warn you not to be deceived by the stories in your news medias through your communications of the box, the satanic delusion in the box in your homes, the televisions. I assure you, My children, when My Mother warned you of this diabolical box, it was for reason. It has become the center of brainwashing for your children, and it will become the mechanical instrument for controlling your mind."
--April 2, 1977


Our Lady warned over and over again not to watch television, as it is being used to completely brainwash the American people into a way of life and a world view that the spinmeisters and talking heads wish you to accept. Unfortunately, Bayside believers do not read the Bayside messages very carefully, or are so brainwashed already that nothing Our Lady says sinks in. Everything that has happened on the world stage has been planned that way years and years in advance.

The 911 terror attack was an inside job.  The perpetrators were the forces of international Zionism with the collusion of the Bush government. The purpose was the creation of a police state in America through the so-called "Patriot" Act (which effectively destroys our civil liberties), and to use the US military to secure the interests of Israel abroad by destroying its enemies (Iraq), and lastly to bring tremendous oil and heroin profits to the Bush crime family, to Dick Cheney, and others.