NEWS FLASH: Lueken wins court case!

The following very important bit of news was released on December 26th. The judgment was
made on December 24, 1997. We quote from a statement posted on the Our Lady of the Roses web
site in New York:

"A judgment has been handed down in Queens County Supreme Court in New York City in favor of Mr. Arthur Lueken, Ann and Maureen Ferguson in their case against Michael Mangan and James Donahue, the former workshop coordinator and his assistant.

Michael Mangan, James Donahue and their followers have turned over control of the Shrine and it's facilities to Mr. Lueken and the Board of Directors as of this evening, and have left the workshop facilities. They are no longer part of or associated with Our Lady of the Roses Shrine in any way."

The December 24th Christmas Eve Vigil, with 300 people attending,was still held on the Apparition Grounds
by Michael Mangan and his followers (he still controls the Prayer Vigils and Holy Hours) amid great weeping
and lamentations, and in quasi-total darkness according to one report, as the Park lights in the Vatican
Pavilion Exedra area had been turned off.

The weeping and lamentations were only the beginning of sorrows for Mangan and his group, as his predicted
Warning didn't materialize in 1997. To give you an idea how much he had lost touch with reality, as late as 4 days
before the end of the year, on December 27th, he circulated a letter on the Vigil Grounds claiming that: "We remain
firm and unshaken...that this will be set aright within four days" (meaning the Warning would prove them right).
One can only term this mindset as delusional, as the reality was that there was not even the faintest indication of a revolution in Rome!

Update on December 28th: The Vigil of the Holy Innocents was held last night on the Park Grounds
under the control of Mangan and his followers, but again without the Shrine Statue of Our Lady of the Roses
and without the Inner Circle area being roped off. Since they have been evicted by court order from the Shrine
office, they no longer have access to Shrine Vigil set up materials, not even the Shrine vehicles.

The Sunday Holy Hour was quite well attended, with about 50 to55 people present.

December 31st: There were about 200 people present.

January 31st Vigil: I have no feedback about attendance at the Vigil, but there were about 100 people attending the Holy Hour the next day.

Other News: Arthur Lueken continues to fiddle while Michael remains in control of the Vigil Grounds--a disastrous position to take, as Michael maintains a power base to continue his control over the Bayside believers. Apparently both sides are supposed to be sending out a general mailing. You can imagine the confusion this will cause. I suspect funds will dry up very quickly for both sides. Also, Gary Wohlscheid is presently demoralized. He is now down to only 10 to 20 radio stations carrying his weekly program, and has not updated his web site for the last two months.

Here are some of the other miraculous Bayside pictures that were sent to me recently. They are very difficult to interpret. I am posting them on my site because they are spectacular-looking photos, and also as a challenge to Bayside believers to come up with a plausible explanation of what they mean. Please e-mail me your personal interpretation, and if it is a good one, I will publish it on this web site.

Photo taken in the home of a Bayside believer in New York on February 11, 1997. It appears to have the numbers "97" written in the upper left hand corner. Many thought this was a message confirming the so-called locution of the Warning happening in 1997.

A pink figure, almost human in form.

The dove of peace appears to be shot, pierced by bullets?

We will keep our readers posted of developments as they become available to us.

Frank Albas
Roses From Heaven